Payback 2 – The Battle Sandbox
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Payback 2 - Your Dangerous Missions in the World of Mafia Gangs

Payback 2 PC free
Payback 2 download PC
Payback 2 download full version
Payback 2 download free
Payback 2 PC free
Payback 2 download PC
Payback 2 download full version
Payback 2 download free

Are you strong enough to survive loads of gang fights? Then, show what you’ve got in Payback 2. In this casual action-packed game, you’ll be playing the role of an unlucky guy who will work with a high-profile mafia boss in the city and be assigned to accomplish various dangerous missions.

Created by Apex Designs, Payback 2 shares the same game perspective as its predecessor. If you’re astounded by the first installment of this game, you’ll definitely enjoy playing this game more as the battles are more intense and offer more exciting experiences.

Payback 2 – Immersing to Multiple Savage Missions

In Payback 2, you’ll be working with a well-known mafia boss in town. You’ll be designated with multiple menacing missions, such as participating in underground auctions, black trading, and felonious car races. There are 50 missions to accomplish. Dealing with these missions is not easy as you need to participate in various purge battles against different gangs around the city. Fulfilling these missions requires loads of bravery and you need to survive in order to accomplish them.

In addition to bravery, you also need to find various means to make money to complete the missions. Since the game is in an open environment, you freely do whatever you want, be a real mafia and do all that it takes to earn money. You can smash cars, hold up passersby, etc.

What is more amazing about Payback 2 is you can do your missions either in single-player mode or in multiplayer mode. Alternatively, you can also try the custom mode where you can create your own mini-games or participate in exciting events weekly.

Accomplish Your Missions with Effective Weapons & Cars

To fulfill your missions in the Payback 2 online game, you need to invest in amazing weapons you think can defend you against your opponents. There’s a wide range of weapons available in this game. You can try using melee weapons like electric batons, knives, baseball bats, and more. On the other hand, if you think the melee weapons are not enough to beat your enemies, you can sign up for hot items like rocket guns, pistols, flamethrowers, and more.

Aside from weapons, you also need to find the right cars that can enable you to move quickly in the game. There are loads of available vehicles in Payback 2. You can invest in some supercars, helicopters, and tanks if you want. To ensure your safety, you can consider having a huge bullet-proof tank that can protect you from shoot-outs.

Thrilling Payback 2 Features Worth Checking Out

  • An action-filled casual game
  • Show your worth to more than 50 treacherous missions
  • Play your missions in single or multiplayer mode
  • Execute mafia actions to earn money
  • Access powerful weapons and vehicles

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How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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