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About this Game

Play the role of a doctor, treat patients, and explore a virtual medical center in Pepi Hospital! Have a fun-filled duty in this virtual medical center and participate in tons of activities and medical action. Get to meet Pepi Bot, Pepi Hospital’s friendly medical bot assistant! Pepi Bot is an adorable friend that will follow you around and lend a helping hand to you and your patients.

In this game, there are various scenarios you can take part in. You can either chill out in the hospital’s cozy cafe or tend patients in a bustling pharmacy and hectic operating room. The ambulance will regularly drop off new patients and they need medical attention. So make sure you can accommodate your patients’ health needs and respond to emergencies!

Highly Interactive Hospital Games For Kids

Pepi Hospital is a friendly kids’ game where players can also interact with various elements in the course of gameplay. The hospital is full of bizarre characters that are just waiting to be clicked. These include medical instruments, toys, yoga balls, and so much more! You can also transfer items to different floors and give certain items to hospital dwellers as well.

The game uses a simple point and click mechanic where players can just drag any item and move it around. You can place a variety of objects in your character’s hand and they can grab or use it on another item or on a patient. You can also let your character sit down on chairs and use other furniture around the hospital!

Pepi Hospital: Key Game Features

  • Explore a medical facility packed with tons of medical items and machines!
  • Meet Pepi Bot, a multi-functional assistant robot.
  • Perform lab tests like taking blood pressure, X-ray scans, and more.
  • Deliver and welcome babies into the world, and perform their first physical tests.

This spectacular game offers a lot of activities that will keep you entertained for hours on end. There’s a variety of fun characters and a bunch of interactive elements to discover! So download Pepi Hospital online and play it for free on PC now. If you want to check out more educational Casual Games for your PC, try Pick The Gold and Snake VS Block!

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