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Piffle - Cat-themed Arcade Puzzle Game.

piffle on pc
piffle ball game
piffle game
piffle on pc
piffle ball game
piffle game

Shoot your best shot in Piffle, a cute puzzle arcade adventure! Collect a horde of adorable Piffle Balls to assist you in clearing a maze of difficult blocks and obstacles. Download Piffle for free, and start the fantastic adventure.

Get to Know More About the Piffle Game

Piffle is an adorable game from Hipster Whale, which combines the fun of block-breaking, balloon-popping, and cute adventure. Not to mention the cats. Lots of fluffy cats! Piffle is full of cute graphics, exciting powerups, and engaging puzzles that bring everything to life in a very fun way. The story begins when you and your dog Waffles, wearing matching onesies and going out for a cup of coffee. However, the evil Doc Block glides in and abducts Waffles, ruining your good time! Getting Waffles back is no easy task because you need to break through all the block puzzles. Doc Block left these in your path, and you’ll go across the colorful world of Pifflandia to save Waffles and the rest of the world.

Piffle has a wide range of missions and special events to choose from. There’s also the Daily Challenge, which introduces a new, more challenging level every day. There are also riddles to solve and exclusive limited-edition worlds to discover. You’ll never run out of exciting activities!

Exhilarating Piffle Gameplay

To play this game, your cat character remains motionless at the bottom of a well while the blocks fall from the top. What you need to do is to throw piffle balls that bounce and hit the blocks, and aim for an arrow. The balls will vanish when the number on the blocks reaches zero. The rows of blocks will fall down one step each time you toss your barrage of piffles and they come back down. However, they’ll squish your kitty if they get to the bottom, and you’ll have to restart the level if you fail. You can win the round when you clear all of the blocks and are given a star rating (up to three). Collect enough stars to fill a meter and unlock a treasure chest full of goodies!

The numbers inside the blocks, like in the previous time-killer, show the number of hits they can survive. On the screen, there are icons of cats and energy in addition to cubes. It will increase the count of cat shells by knocking the first, and by gathering the second, who will then start to shoot down the brick with little impact.

There are no indications if you consider ricochet hitting the wall. That’s why you need to figure out where the direction of impact will go. It’s also notable that the game is burst into definite levels preferably rather than being straightened out for good. Of course, you won’t be able to access the new task until you’ve completed the prior one.

Piffle Game Features

  • Exceptional gameplay
  • Graphics are excellent
  • Amusing background music
  • Gameplay is simple
  • There are challenging levels to play with.
  • Riddles and puzzles

The fun doesn’t seem to stop when playing with cats. To get more of these kawaii arcade games, check out Cat Spa and Super Fowlst. You can download them for free here at Games.lol.




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Minimum System Requirements

You can install Games.lol on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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