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PitzMaker - Create Your Lovely Original Characters from Scratch

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Have you always wanted to create good-looking characters but don’t have the talent to draw them? Then say no more, as this game will help you do that. It’s called PitzMaker, a casual simulation game published by EIGHT STUDIO. What this game does is that it allows you to create your original characters. That’s right, you’ll be able to create your characters from scratch.

This casual game is also like a dress-up game, except it provides more customization for you to enjoy. Furthermore, it gives ample freedom when it comes to the kinds of characters you want to create. Let’s discuss in more detail what PitzMaker offers and how you can properly play it.

Create Characters With the Simulation Game PitzMaker

As mentioned earlier, PitzMaker is a game where you get to create an original character. Therefore, you get to design a character’s appearance, which would include skin color, eye color, eye style, eyebrow style, and many more. Additionally, there’s a wide range of customizations available that will give you plenty of creative freedom on how you want your character to look. You can even add some dialogues, which will be very helpful if you want to create a comic using your character.

The great thing about this simulation game is that you don’t only get to create main characters, you can also create supporting characters. It allows you to have a complete set of characters that you can use for comics, posters, and other things. It’s a fun and interesting game that allows you to create the characters that you want.

Getting Started with the Casual Game PitzMaker

Playing PitzMaker is very easy since the gameplay is not that hard to learn. When you play, you’re instantly placed in the customization area where a default character appears before you. From there, just change all of the things that you want to change about the character. There are many customization options for each aspect of the character. For example, if you want to change the mouth of your character, there are many different options available for the mouth.

It goes the same for other aspects and the developers continue to add more customizations. You can even change the background or leave it blank for easier editing purposes. Once you’re done, just save your character on the available slot and create another one. To use the character for other purposes, just capture its screenshots and then use it as you please.

Creative Simulation Game Features

  • Create original main and support characters
  • Many different customization options to choose from
  • Constant updates and new customization options are being given
  • Take photos of your characters and save them

You can see that PitzMaker is an exciting and interesting game that you’ll enjoy. If you want to play other fun casual simulation games, then you should also try Dreamy Clover Town or Be My Princess: Party. They’re both awesome games that will also let you exercise your creativity, which you can grab here in Games.lol.




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Minimum System Requirements

You can install Games.lol on any PC that meets the following requirements:

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