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PJ Masks Moonlight Heroes – Collect Orbs & Avoid Obstacles

Pj Masks Heroes Achievement
Pj Masks Moonlight Heroes Catboy
Pj Masks Moonlight Heroes Gekko Run
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Pj Masks Heroes Achievement
Pj Masks Moonlight Heroes Catboy
Pj Masks Moonlight Heroes Gekko Run
Pj Masks Moonlight Heroes Owlette
Pj Masks Moonlight Heroes Score

A fun action-packed running game that can be played by anyone, even kids, is PJ Masks Moonlight Heroes. It’s an action platformer where you get to use one of three heroes and try to conquer the different levels ahead. You will run forward and collect orbs while avoiding obstacles along the way. It’s a fun game, especially since each hero has unique abilities.

They also possess powers that you can use to help you during the run. Let’s find out more as we talk about the gameplay and features of PJ Masks Moonlight Heroes in more detail.

Choose Your Favorite Hero & Complete Levels

One of the things you’ll enjoy with PJ Masks Moonlight Heroes is that there are three heroes available to use. Each one of them is unique and possesses different abilities. Owlette, for example, flies instead of running. This makes it easier to avoid obstacles since you can just fly up. But this also makes her a bit hard to control.

On the other hand, Gekko can crawl through ceilings. This means you just switch between crawling the ceiling and the floor to avoid obstacles. This makes PJ Masks Moonlight Heroes a more unique running game. But that’s not all that you’ll enjoy with the heroes. They also possess unique power-ups that can help you during your run.

How to Play PJ Masks Moonlight Heroes

The gameplay of PJ Masks Moonlight Heroes is simple and easy to learn. Your hero will automatically run forward, and you just have to avoid obstacles along the way. Since this is a side-scrolling game, you just have to worry about jumping to avoid obstacles or villains. All three heroes possess unique power-ups that can help you during a run. You just need to collect amulets that will trigger their powers.

Catboy can jump higher, while Owelette can see hidden orbs. Whereas, Gekko can smash through objects when his superpowers are available. However, these powers are only available for a short while, so make use of them wisely. Try to collect as many of the orbs as you can to achieve a higher score after completing the run. You won’t instantly die when you hit an obstacle. Just be mindful of your hero’s health.

Features of the Action Platformer

  • Choose one of three unique heroes to use during a run
  • Take advantage of the unique heroes’ superpowers once you collect an amulet
  • Overcome challenges and obstacles to complete many different levels
  • Collect gold amulets to get more scores after completing a level
  • Side-scrolling game

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