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About this Game

Do you like monster hunting and catching? Are you into competitive gym battles and hoarding powerful rare pocket monsters? If you are part of the millions of pocket monsters across the globe, then you are in for a big surprise as the highly downloaded Pokémon GO is now unblocked for the PC. That’s right! You can now experience the full game at the comfort of your desktop.


What is the Pokémon GO Game?

Pokémon GO is a highly acclaimed record-breaking mobile game developed by Niantic Inc. The game employs the use of AR (augmented reality) mechanics to provide a more realistic approach to the world-renowned monster-catching game. In Pokémon GO, players take the role of a novice pocket monster trainer set on a quest to catch each of the Pokémon characters; thus, the term finds them all. Since its initial launch, Pokémon GO has set video game records enticing millions of players through its unique platform. The game also has garnered multiple accolades after collecting over a billion downloads since its inception. Pokémon GO’s popularity has led to the creation of the annual Pokémon GO Fest celebrated by the large community of Pokémon enthusiasts across the globe.

Today, Pokémon GO remains to be one of the essential apps in the free-to-play market. That said, if you have yet to experience the phenomenon that is Pokémon GO, now is the time to do it by downloading the full version of the game straight to your PC. So what are you waiting for? Put on your trainer’s cap and begin your search for these epic pocket monsters today!

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Download Pokémon GO on PC

Get ready to play!

Follow these easy steps to complete
your Pokémon GO installation.

Click "Download"
on the website.
Install the Playstore
on your computer.
Open the Playstore
(Desktop shortcut).
Access your favorite
games and enjoy!

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