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Polyforge – Try To Forge The Sides Of The Crystals

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If you are looking for a simple but challenging game to play, try playing Polyforge. It’s a casual arcade game published by ImpactBlue Studios Pty Ltd. It’s a game where the simple goal of forging the sides of crystals is given. You are presented with crystals of various shapes and sizes, and all you have to do is to forge their sides in Polyforge. As simple as those things sound, you’ll soon see that it’s not easy. We will talk more about the gameplay of Polyforge as well as the features you can expect from the game.

Hit the Sides in Polyforge

You are given a simple objective in Polyforge—to forge crystals fully. Although coating all of their sides equally using a forge point sounds easy, still, several factors will make Polyforge difficult. First, the crystals are spinning while the forge point is rotating on the crystals. What makes it more challenging is you’ll be dealing with various shaped crystals. These varied shapes make hitting the point a bit difficult.

As challenging as Polyforge is, you will have fun forging crystals. Doing it also feels like playing the piano as the sounds that it creates when forge hits the crystal sound like a piano. This makes forging crystals in Polyforge more pleasing and relaxing to play.

Getting Started with Polyforge

It’s simple to play Polyforge, you just have to hit the side of a crystal to forge it. But you also have to consider that your forge point is rotating in a clockwise direction while the crystal is in a counterclockwise direction. These two different directions make it hard to hit the sides of the crystals on time. Also, it’s worth noting that you can only forge a side once, so after you forged it, you can’t hit it again, which is where the challenge comes in.

You also have to take note that the sizes of the sides will vary, too. Some crystals also have plenty of sides, making them smaller and harder to aim. But it doesn’t mean you can’t complete them you only need to practice your aim One Polyforge technique you can try is to quicken your clicks a bit so that you forge the sides as the point rotate and the crystal spins. This is a tricky technique and requires the right speed and timing. But it’s great to use since it also creates harmonious sounds.

The Features of Polyforge

  • Many different shapes and sizes of crystals to forge
  • Enjoy the harmonious sounds whenever you hit the crystal
  • A game with a simple but very challenging objective
  • Endless levels to complete

If you enjoy playing this relaxing but challenging arcade game, you should also try Smash Hit or Orbia. Both are fun games that offer a bit of a challenge to play.




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