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About this Game

Calling all adventurers! Your favorite childhood game is here again, with islands waiting to be explored. Poptropica is a casual, action, and adventure game where you will be exploring islands and finishing quests to get rewards. With those rewards, you can buy the things that you want and dress up in whatever situation you may wish to.

Moreover, you can also adopt cute little pets and raise them. Besides that, you can also communicate and compete with your friends for the island champion title in Poptropica. Your skills will be put to the test once again here in Poptropica, where adventure awaits you!


Experience an Amazing & Fun-filled Adventures

Poptropica has several islands where you can start your journey. Every island is different from the other, which is exciting, and it is something that you should look forward to the game. Moreover, every island also has various challenging quests for you to fulfill. Your skills will be put to the test through these quests. Some mysteries are waiting to be solved. There are obstacles where your reflexes will get tested, and every pursuit is worth your time, and the rewards are also worth the effort. After winning the quest, you will receive credits that can be used to customize your character and your pet.




Moreover, you can go to the 24 carrot island where you will be solving the mystery of the island where people and carrots have gone missing. On the island, you’ll be talking to the townspeople, gathering clues, and exploring the place to solve the mystery surrounding it. If you want something challenging, you can also try Skullduggery, where you have to assemble your crew, outwit pirates and fight against sea monsters to rule the sea. This island has more serious difficulty than the 24 carrot island, so you have to do better. But the challenge is what makes it interesting.


Download & Customize Your Character & Pet

Now that you got your credits, you can now pick an outfit for your character. What you’ll love about Poptropica is the vast selection of costumes to choose from the collection. You can dress up as a devil, as a regular school girl, an astronaut, a warrior– anything you like as long as you have enough credits for it. The more credits you have, the more extensive your selection of outfits will be!

You can also buy accessories for the pets that you love so much. It only costs 75 credits each, so make sure to spare some credits for your cute pets to make them sweeter and presentable! So, what are you waiting for? Simply click the Play Game Button, and your game installation should start quickly! As simple as that, right? Recommend this fantastic and fun game  with your friends, too!

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