Princess Beauty Salon – Birthday Party Makeup Download Free PC Games on Gameslol
Princess Beauty Salon – Birthday Party Makeup Best PC Games

Princess Beauty Salon – Birthday Party Makeup

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Princess Beauty Salon – Birthday Party Makeup Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

Princess Beauty Salon - Birthday Party Makeup PC Game | Download Dress-Up Game for Free

The baby is now becoming a lady. The youngest daughter of the king has now grown up, and she is celebrating her 18th birthday. To mark this joyous occasion, the king is sponsoring a grand party to commemorate his daughter’s coming of age. This is not the usual birthday party that people came to know for this little princess. Since she will be entering adulthood, this party will be an adult one. There will be distinguished guests in attendance. Royals from other kingdoms will attend this grand event. The king leaves it to the princess to dress accordingly for this adult event. Help our princess in Princess Beauty Salon – Birthday Party Makeup desktop PC game for free.


Check out the Princess Beauty Salon – Birthday Party Makeup PC game

Join our cute little princess as she takes the first step into the world of adulthood.  No more kiddie parties, no more teeny-bopping parties. On her 18th birthday, it will be a formal ceremony. It will be an event attended by highly distinguished guests. Can you lend a helping hand as our little princess dresses up for this splendid affair?


Here are some of the cool features you can see in the game

The Princess Beauty Salon – Birthday Party Makeup game is a fascinating game for girls. It lets them experiment on which gorgeous dress and beautiful makeup suit best for our cute little debutante. As the princess’ fashion and beauty expert, your duty is to help her prepare for the adult ceremony at the palace. And since it is her birthday, you will need to make her the brightest star in the ball. Let her beautiful grace and magnificent presence shine in the royal party.

The Princess Beauty Salon – Birthday Party Makeup desktop game features a wide collection of fashionable lipsticks, blushes, eyeliners, and eye shadows. You also get to prepare the perfect hairstyle to match her beautiful face. And the gem of it all, enter her big dressing room and choose the most gorgeous dress for her. Are you up to the task of making our cute little princess the most beautiful lady in the ball? Play Princess Beauty Salon – Birthday Party Makeup for free.

If you are looking for similar girl games, why not try Spoon Pet Collector and Beauty salon : hair salon.

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