Pudding Monsters
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Pudding Monsters - Do Your Best to Merge & Save The Puddings

pudding monsters download PC
pudding monsters download PC free
pudding monsters download full version
pudding monsters download free
pudding monsters download PC
pudding monsters download PC free
pudding monsters download full version
pudding monsters download free

Puddings are a favorite dessert for many people. But do we stop to ask how the pudding feels when they’re being eaten? They don’t like it, and they’re now on a mission to save themselves, and it’s up to you to help them. It’s one of the tasks that you’ll do in Pudding Monsters, a casual puzzle game published by ZeptoLab. In this game, you help puddings become less desirable from being eaten. You do that by merging them. Overall, Pudding Monsters is a simple game that also provides a bit of a challenge.

Merging Puddings in Pudding Monsters

The main goal of Pudding Monsters is to help these puddings from being taken and eaten. To do this, the puddings need to become bigger, so they become scarier. So you must merge these puddings to become bigger, and you do that by sliding them towards each other. That’s right; you just make them hit each other, and they combine as a bigger pudding. The bigger the pudding, the scarier it’ll become.

However, there will be tons of obstacles and challenges on the table. First, there will be items on the table that you can’t move, so you need to find a way over them. Next, you also have to remember that puddings can’t stop. It means that they’ll slide off the table if there isn’t anything to control their movements.

But once you combine all the puddings on the table, you complete the level and move to the next one. Keep in mind that the level becomes more challenging as you progress. Let’s now discuss how to play after your download Pudding Monsters in the next section.

Getting Started with Pudding Monsters

Before you play Pudding Monsters, there will be a tutorial you can immerse yourself in. But even without the tutorial, you can quickly figure out the gameplay. The goal is to merge all puddings on the table to complete the level. Puddings can only move up, down, left, and right. Once you choose them to move, they will continue moving until they hit something. So if there’s no pudding or object, they’ll slide off the table.

It’s where the objects on the table will come in, as they can help you stop the puddings. So, make sure you use them properly. Some levels will also have stars on the table. Though completing the level is not required, it would be great if you get them all. Just make sure you’ll end the level with puddings on top of these stars to acquire them. Overall, the gameplay of Pudding Monsters is simple and easy to learn. However, it can get challenging to play.

Exciting Puzzle Game Features Worth Checking

  • Complete 125 levels with more to come
  • Experiment with a unique monster shape when you merge puddings
  • An innovative and fun gameplay mechanics
  • A simple game that’s easy to learn but provides a challenge

You can see that Pudding Monsters is a fun and exciting game to play. So if you enjoy playing this puzzle game, you might want to check out other games like Chef Merge or Tiny Dragons. They’re both awesome and fun puzzle games you’ll also enjoy after getting them here in Games.lol.




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