Ragnarok: The Lost Memories
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Ragnarok: The Lost Memories – An Immersive JRPG Story-Based Game

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With fresh adventures starring your favorite Ragnarok saga characters, Ragnarok: The Lost Memories is a videogame that transports you directly to the Ragnarok universe. This time, in a sort of Ragnarok Online spin-off, you’ll take part in thrilling combat between well-known characters.

Farm Rewards, Explore Dungeons & Compete in PVP Arena

Ragnarok: The Lost Memories is an amazing role-playing game that takes the player on an adventure through the land of Rune-Midgard with Perr, a guy who has lost his memory, and Rina Wardotir, a gorgeous mage from the City of Geffen. Devoted fans of the Ragnarok video game series will surely feel nostalgic when playing this game.

The game’s fighting system is a sophisticated blend of card strategy, nonstop action, and a massive environment. In addition, each player will be in charge of a certain squad, which they will employ to summon or battle specific adversaries nearby using special cards. The player’s card combinations can alter the battle’s outcome, let them make many ultimate skills out of each card, and take the battle’s ambiance to a whole new level.

Collect Iconic Ragnarok: The Lost Memories Characters

The action in Ragnarok: The Lost Memories is captured from above. The game’s amazing graphics are fully utilized in the bird’s-eye views, which significantly heightens the excitement in each combat. This JRPG story-based game introduces a brand-new gameplay mechanic, particularly during battles where it is integrated with the card system. As a result, players will need to use their cards wisely to beat the enemies along the way.

With recognizable Ragnarok characters, you have to travel the entire map in Ragnarok: The Lost Memory. You create decks with 15 cards each. Preferably, the final 5 attacks are passive, whereas the initial 10 attacks are active. As a result, you’ll be ready to respond with the best plan of action in any situation. You can automate your attacks or choose the cards manually if you’d like. The heroes on your team have a diverse range of magical powers that they can use to destroy any adversary that attempts to stand in their way. In this way, you’ll gradually gain experience as you travel across this unsettling environment.

Many of the recognizable locations from the Ragnarok universe are revisited in Ragnarok: The Lost Memories. You may build a winning strategy that will see you through any challenge by gathering more than 20 heroes and numerous attack cards.

Experience Ragnarok: The Lost Memories Unique Card Battle System

  • Unleash your strategy using the game’s unique card battle system
  • Collect over 20 Ragnarok characters and rank up their skills
  • A new auto bot idle system with auto functions for battles and skills casting
  • An automated farm rewards system for acquiring resources
  • Create, purchase, refine, and enchant equipment
  • Compete in a PVP arena and join a guild for more awesome rewards

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