Rainy attic room
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Rainy Attic Room – Explore the Emotional Story of a Depressed Friend

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As there are no means of unlocking the windows and the room is draped with huge, dense drapes, the situation will only worsen over time. Now that you have met your friend, you will speak to them for the first time. Your role is to speak to your acquaintance in the attic. As a slow-paced game with limited actionable options, Rainy Attic Room educates players that the simplest improvements require patience and time to take effect.

Step into the Sorrowful Rainy Attic Room

Rainy Attic Room is a charming and straightforward video game that enlightens players on the relevance of psychological health. Players need to take into account 2 when they first enter the room: their sleeping space is the bed. The room will become their prison if they do not make themselves comfortable. It is crucial that you pay attention to them and make an effort to comprehend their perspective. Nevertheless, if you become overly anxious and cannot relax, the situation will only become worse.

It is not that simple to redecorate the room without upsetting your buddy. Nevertheless, you can locate various pieces of furniture to adorn the room. Even though it is challenging for you, you must establish a tight relationship with them. Be comfortable so you can gradually get close in proximity to your friend. This is despite how much you might want somebody to stop feeling down.

Immerse in an Emotional Story & Decorate the Rooms

In the endearing narrative-driven video game Rainy Attic Room, players must go along and befriend a depressed character. Your objective is to make an effort to become acquainted with that individual to improve their emotions. The main character of Rainy Attic Room resides in a dilapidated attic made worse by the constant rains. Everything seems depressing and drab since the walls are moist and the floor is chilly.

Your miserable friend is in a room surrounded by unopened boxes, lacks furnishings, and has no decor. Yet with your aid and motivation, you can slowly make this loft a comfy place to call home. You will need either a red or blue water drop for this. Some of the furnishings from the catalog will be accessible with the help of those components. The game also provides you with five discussion points at the outset. Simply click on your friend to start a conversation.

Nevertheless, there will be a point where the discussion slows down. You will have the opportunity to restart the conversation every five minutes. Finally, yet importantly, you will find a skylight on the roof that allows you to view the outdoors. Take note of this since it will be the spot where you can gather water drops to pay for your friend’s renovations.

Explore these Rainy Attic Room Features

  • Immerse into a unique game designed to help fight depression
  • Listen to the story of your depressed friend
  • Collect hearts and decorate rooms with pleasant things
  • Clean up the clutter and earn the trust of your dear friend
  • Discover and explore an ending that comes with a surprise

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