RPG Machine Knight
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RPG Machine Knight - Be the World’s Only Hero!

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Have you ever wondered what it is like to become a knight and save your world from destruction? In RPG Machine Knight, you won’t have to wonder anymore. That’s because this role-playing game from Kemco will take you to a village set in another world. This village has been engulfed by a “black sun” that human greed has created. Therefore, leading to energy shortages worldwide, scientists discovered the only way to save humanity.

The Exhilarating Story of RPG Machine Knight

To solve the world’s severe energy shortages, Frain was sent to travel through a mysterious gate to another world as a messenger and find a solution. However, when one of the villages was attacked. Unfortunately, he became an instant suspect for being an outsider. But, two heroines named Bell and Aulin decided to support and trust Frain. And with their help, he somehow managed to escape this village only to find out that his homeland had betrayed him and left him alone. Now, more determined than ever, he sets out with his newfound companions to defeat the dark forces. As a result, saving the two worlds. In a world full of betrayal and treachery, what destiny awaits Frain and his company?

The Ultimate Gameplay of RPG Machine Knight PC

RPG Machine Knight will not only excite you but also have you playing for hours. You’ll be facing a whole list of challenges such as collecting medals of merit, completing main and side quests, and the “Machina Board” system that allows for unique character development. Unleash your character’s full potential through the “Machina Board”. Once you get it, use the points you earned from completing quests and through battles to change class and upgrade your skills. When your job increases to a certain level, you will be allowed to change your job class. But be very careful; once you have chosen a class, you cannot revert to your former job. So choose wisely according to your playing style.

RPG Machine Knight Game Features

  • Traditional command entry fighting style
  • Unique character development through Machina Board system
  • Challenge extra dungeons and side quests
  • Craft your own weapons
  • Free to play with in-game purchases available for rare items or materials
  • Hone skills and combine spiritual stones for buff effects
  • Smooth animation in dot art graphics style
  • Explore a vast world full of challenging monsters and human enemies

When playing RPG Machine Knight, you can be your own unparalleled fictional character. Choose what job class you want and how you want to upgrade your skills in ways different from other players. This game will entertain you for hours, just like other similar games including Soul Knight or Eternal Fantasia can. Furthermore, check out other role-playing games for download here at Games.lol!




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Minimum System Requirements

You can install Games.lol on any PC that meets the following requirements:

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