Sandbox: Strategy & Tactics-WW
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Sandbox: Strategy & Tactics-WW - Form Your Formidable Military Army

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Sandbox: Strategy & Tactics-WW by HC GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION LIMITED is an immersive World War II strategy turn-based game that allows players to rewrite history through their wargaming actions. Unlike other games in the genre, this sequel to Strategy & Tactics: World War II removes historical restrictions and turn limits, giving players the freedom to shape the outcome of the war according to their own strategies. Whether you choose to side with the USSR or the U.S., or deviate from history entirely, the game offers a wide range of possibilities.

Conquer Europe, Command Armies: Experience Epic Battles

Assume control of a European army and guide it to triumph in the tumultuous era of World War II. The game boasts accurate maps of Europe and Asia, featuring over 950 regions to conquer and control. With 39 playable countries, you have the opportunity to reshape the course of the war from multiple perspectives.

To dominate the battlefield, you’ll have access to various military assets, including 4 types of ships: Battleship, Cruiser, Submarine, and Destroyer. Additionally, a wide array of war machines and tanks are at your disposal, allowing you to employ tactical warfare strategies to seize and defend territory.

Unleash Tactical Brilliance: Shape History & Allocate Resources

Prepare for a dynamic and immersive gaming experience as you navigate through an ever-changing landscape of random military events. Brace yourself for unexpected challenges such as guerrilla movements, daring landing operations, and unexpected recalls. With each event injecting a dose of unpredictability and replayability, no two game sessions will ever be the same. Your strategic decisions during these pivotal moments will not only define your tactics but also reshape the course of history within the game. Get ready to forge your own path and leave an indelible mark on the battlefield.

In Sandbox: Strategy & Tactics-WW, you have the power to determine how to allocate your resources from conquered territories. Will you prioritize growing your army or invest in research and development?

With its offline gameplay option, this WW2 strategy game allows you to immerse yourself in the historical setting and make critical decisions at your own pace. Whether you prefer to utilize infantry, aircraft, artillery, or armored vehicles, you have the freedom to deploy them strategically and decide when to attack or siege enemy strongholds.

WW2 Sandbox Strategy Tactics Game Features

  • No historical restrictions or turn limits
  • Control any European army
  • Precise maps of Europe and Asia with over 950 regions
  • 4 ships to choose from
  • War machines and tanks for tactical warfare
  • 39 playable countries
  • Random military events for replayability
  • Decide how to allocate resources from conquered territories
  • Utilize infantry, aircraft, artillery, and armored vehicles
  • Offline gameplay option
  • Engaging war simulator experience

Ready to rewrite history and shape the outcome of World War II? Then join the battle now and experience the power of strategic decision-making in Sandbox: Strategy & Tactics-WW! So play the game on PC or explore other thrilling strategy games. Examples are World of War Machines and Road To Valor: World War II on




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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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