Road to Valor: World War II
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Dreamotion Inc.

Road To Valor: WW2 – Be a Military General & Lead Your Troop To Victory

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Do you think you have what it takes to be a good military general? Do you think you’re capable of commanding your troops to victory? Well, why don’t you find out in this strategy game? It’s the Road To Valor: World War II game. Published by Dreamotion Inc., it’s an action strategy game where you play the role of a general during WW2. Your objective is to lead your troops to victory during battle.

It’s an interesting game, especially if you’re someone who’s into historical warfare. Let’s discuss in more detail the gameplay of Road To Valor, so you can see how exciting this game is.

Become The World Ruler On Road To Valor

Like in any war, the goal is to win every battle until you eventually win the war. This is what you can expect when you play Road To Valor. You’ll participate in many battles to win. What’s interesting about this game is that you’ll battle against other players in other parts of the world in real-time. That’s right, you test your army and your strategy against other players, seeing if it’s good enough to defeat them.

You can select from different factions in the Allies or Axis Powers to use as your army. Each faction will have its specialty, so just choose the one that fits your strategy or play style. Once you’ve chosen a faction, you now have to collect different troops and assemble a strong battalion to battle enemies.

Here are some Road To Valor: World War II tips, make sure your army is balanced, or at least there’s a good mixture of tanks, infantry, and artillery. This will ensure your team won’t be at a disadvantage during battles. Let’s now discuss how Road To Valor is played.

Road To Valor: World War II Tips

The first thing you need to do in Road to Valor is to select the faction you want to use. Once you’ve selected a faction, you’ll undergo a short tutorial. It will teach you about battle gameplay, which is similar to that of card games. You’ll start with unit cards that you can summon to the battlefield. Each unit card will have corresponding recruitment points to place them on the battlefield. The points replenish over time, so there’s a bit of short waiting.

What’s great is that the battle itself looks realistic. You would see units running where you direct them and attack enemies in range. You earn rewards when you win battles. And the rewards can include crates where new units can be included. You can also level up your units to make them stronger, thus performing better during battle. It’s a fun and exciting game that you’ll surely enjoy playing.

Game Features of This Strategy Game

  • Battle against other players in real-time
  • Choose a faction belonging to either the Allies or Axis Powers
  • Decide on the command strategy your army will use during battle
  • Collect different units and build a powerful army
  • A strategy game about the historic World Wars

If you’re a big fan of strategy games, then you might also enjoy playing games like Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes or Braveland Heroes. Both are awesome strategy games where you can also make use of your strategic mind.




How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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