Scary Goat 2017
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Tap2Play, LLC (Ticker: TAPM)

Scary Goat 2017 - Free-to-play Goat Simulator Game for PC

Suppose you are tired of the same old action game format that features buff protagonists armed to the teeth. In that case, you are in luck as the famous Scary Goat 2017 is now available on PC. Explore the nook and cranny of New York City and wreak havoc upon its residence. Get ahold of powerful weapons, heavy vehicles, and jet packs in this hilarious game inspired by the iconic Goat Simulator series. Make your mark in the big apple today and bleat everyone to death at the comfort of your PC.

What is Scary Goat 2017?

Scary Goat 2017 is a free-to-play game developed and published by Tap2Play, LLC (Ticker: TAPM) in 2017. This open-world free-roaming game gets its inspiration from the Goat Simulator series, which was the first to feature a goat as the main protagonist. Since its initial launch, the game has managed to reel in thousands of fans who gave the game a decent 3.98/5 overall rating on the Android platform. Like most games that jumped into the goat simulation bandwagon, it also allows players to customize their horned character using the various goat textures featured in the game.

Besides, the game features many items and activities that you and your goat character can partake in. Explore a vast open-world that comes complete with detailed buildings, NPCs, various types of vehicles (that your goat can maneuver), and much more. With that said, if you think you have what it takes to become the top goat of New York City, then, download, install and play the game today free on PC.

How to Play Scary Goat 2017?

Scary Goat 2017 is not as scary as it seems when it comes to gameplay. After all, you will take the role of the scary goat. With that in mind, starting a new game is easier than it looks like as long as you have it on PC.

After that, once you open the app on your desktop, the game will immediately take you to the main title menu. The first mode, called “Career Mode” is the level-based mission campaign of the game. Choosing this mode will allow you to take on various game challenges, which mostly is about destruction. The second game mode called “Mega Kill” is a scoring spree mode that requires a certain level to unlock.

The “Free Mode” allows you to explore the entire city and do anything you want. Choosing Free Mode will allow you to drive cars, ram pedestrians with your horns. Or take the friendly skies using a jetpack as you venture through the skies. The Goat Simulator 2017 version featured on this page is already optimized for the PC. It comes with the default keyboard and mouse control scheme.

So, what are you waiting for? Show New York City who’s boss by downloading the game on your PC today.

Scary Goat 2017 Features:

  • Various goat textures for customization
  • A diverse collection of vehicles
  • Ahuge arsenal of weapons
  • Free to play with loads of jet packs
  • Realistic physics and high definition 3D graphics

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scary goat 2017 download PC free
scary goat 2017 download full version
scary goat 2017 download free
scary goat 2017 download PC
scary goat 2017 download PC free




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