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About this Game

Mouse Simulator is… well, very self-explanatory. You get to control a mouse and discover what it is like being a small rodent in a big world. However, the game is more than just being a pest inside a house or getting chased by a cat. It is a life simulator based on how a mouse lives its life. That means you get to scavenge food, find a mate, bear children and make a whole community of mice. Sounds weird? That’s good. Now you can get to play the Mouse Simulator game for PC for free. Download it here.

Small Critter, Big World

You are a regular mouse – considered a pest inside human establishments and potential prey in large animals’ eyes. Besides, if you have ever thought what it feels like being a mouse, then now is an excellent opportunity! The Mouse Simulator game takes more than just crawling through small spaces and stealing food. You get to BE the mouse for you to know how the game makes you FEEL like a mouse. It’s a simple concept, but one that is unusually effective and fun.

Make Your Mouse Family

Besides salvaging materials and sneaking through the house, you can also find the love of your life, get married and have a family of your own. Raise your children with the right shelter and provide sustenance for everyone in the family.

Explore the Woods and the Cottage

The game may be small, but its open-world environment brims with life as many areas have items to collect. These make this game is bizarrely fun game even if it does not have a primary goal or end.

Free Gameplay Features:

  • Enjoy two locations in the game.
  • Fight against other animals in the gameplay.
  • Try and get many skins to play.
  • Challenge yourself to unlock all the achievements
  • Play for Free Download

Download Mouse Simulator online game for free and get more entertaining simulation games like Dragon City and Angry Birds.

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