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About this Game

Have you ever had a scary teacher back in the days? Or do you have one right now? Do you wish you could just take revenge and release that cooped up anger in you but can’t? Well, say no more. Scary Teacher 3D is a game where you can do just that by doing mischiefs!

The plot of Scary Teacher 3D goes around two people: Miss T and the genius student. Miss T despised kids and she had spent her years as a teacher to give all sorts of punishments to her students. She makes life miserable for all those unlucky ones that entered her classroom, but one genius student had enough of it and he’s ready to take revenge.


Do all sorts of pranks on Miss T in Scary Teacher 3D but make sure not to get caught! Destroy her favorite dress? Play with her food? Blow up a cake on her face? Thumbtacks on her chair? Give it a go! Not enough? How about smashing her TV? It’s all up to you on how you will try and piss off Miss T. Give her the taste of her own medicine–just make sure you can get away with it!


Explore 15 rooms in Miss T’s house and solve mysteries in each of them! As you explore further inside the house, you will be discovering various items that will help you solve the creepy mysteries in Scary Teacher 3D and uncover who Miss T truly is.


You can now play Scary Teacher 3D Online and play with other fans out there as Miss T or the genius kid. Roles are given randomly but that doesn’t take the fun out of it as you will be given different objectives to complete.

Play as Miss T or Genius Student

Do you ever look at a person and wonder what’s going through their mind? If you ever looked at Miss T and these thoughts came across your mind, it’s your lucky day because the game will let you play the role of Miss T. Will punishing and tormenting kids be as satisfying as you’d think?

On the other hand, are you ready to take on the role of this genius student and make the tables turn? Do you have the guts to sneak into Miss T’s home, do pranks on her and successfully get away with it? If yes, head down below and download Scary Teacher 3D Online on your PC!

Simulation games like Scary Teacher 3D are always fun because you get into the game by putting yourself in the shoes of the characters. If you want more of this, check out this site’s other simulation games like The Sims™ Mobile and Cafeland – World Kitchen.

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