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Genius Studio Japan Inc.

She’s My Vampire - Make Choices & Create Your Story

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Many people enjoy reading novels, but others are bored by them. They prefer to have some sort of participation instead of just an audience. Well, now you can do that with She’s My Vampire by Genius Studio Japan Inc. It’s a casual adventure game where you play the role of a guy who got lost while hiking. While trying to find your way, you stumble upon an old mansion where three beautiful sisters reside. But something seems off about them, which you’ll soon find out.

She’s My Vampire is an interactive story game where you’re not just an audience but you make choices here. It’s a great game that makes reading graphic novels more fun and exciting. Let’s discuss She’s My Vampire gameplay in more detail, so you’ll know how the game is played. We’ll also discuss the features to learn what to expect.

She’s My Vampire – Decide on How You Want to Respond

One of the things that you’ll enjoy about She’s My Vampire is the compelling story it has. The mansion you entered is run by vampires and you now must figure out how to survive before they suck your blood dry. But what’s interesting about She’s My Vampire is you also get to build relationships with them. You get to talk and interact with the sisters, building relationships, as you try to learn more about them and how to save yourself.

It’s interesting because you will be presented with many choices or decisions to make. And the decision you make affects the direction of the story. Based on the choice you make, you also get to uncover certain information or exclusive scenes in She’s My Vampire. It’s a great game that you’ll surely enjoy. Let’s now discuss in the next section how She’s My Vampire is played.

Create Your Story in She’s My Vampire

Playing She’s My Vampire is easy since it’s an interactive novel. Therefore, you’ll be reading stories most of the time, only needing to engage when it’s time to make choices. You will get two options to choose from and each choice will lead in a certain direction. There are certain choices though that will require the use of rubies in She’s My Vampire online.

They’re the game’s premium currency. If you have rubies, you can use them to unlock exclusive content and scenes from She’s My Vampire. It’s also worth noting that once you complete a chapter, you’ll need a ticket to proceed to the next chapter. Tickets are earned daily, so it means once you run out, just wait for them to replenish. You can see that She’s My Vampire is a great game that you’ll have fun playing.

Interactive Novel Game Features to Experience

  • An interesting storyline
  • Make choices that will affect the direction of the story
  • Interact with beautiful vampires with their personalities
  • Awesome graphics and artwork

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How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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