Shining Beyond
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Shining Beyond – Go on Epic Adventures in This Exciting RPG

shining beyond download free
shining beyond download full version
shining beyond download pc free
shining beyond download PC
shining beyond download free
shining beyond download full version
shining beyond download pc free
shining beyond download PC

If you’re a big fan of action-packed RPGs that are full of epic adventures, then you should try playing Shining Beyond. It’s an adventure RPG published by XII Braves PTE LTD, the publishers behind Valiant Force. That is why these two RPGs share the same universe.

In this game, you get to go on epic adventures, battle powerful enemies, and even cooperate with other players. It’s an interesting RPG that also offers great graphics and a cool storyline. To help you get started in this game, continue reading as we discuss in more detail how to play Shining Beyond.

Getting Started With Shining Beyond

Like most RPGs, you’ll start Shining Beyond with a short cinematic. This will lay out the foundation of the story and the beginning of your journey. After the short cinematic, you will also undergo a short tutorial about the game’s battle sequence. It will also serve as your first quest in this RPG. Once you go on a quest, you’re usually going to be selecting the direction in which your team will go.

Some of those areas will have enemies waiting for you. When you battle, your team will directly attack them. Since it does not employ a turn-based battle system, your heroes and enemies will attack continuously. However, you still have to pay attention since you’ll be the one to cast your team’s skills. Simply click on the skill, and your character will cast it.

Once you’ve completed the first quest and the tutorial, you’ll summon your first character. This is how you will acquire powerful characters in Shining Beyond—you summon them. Each hero you summon will belong to either a warrior, archer, rogue, or acolyte. You can also customize their role through the in-depth job system. Aside from that, each character will also have a grade: R, SR, and SSR, with the SSR being the highest grade. Though there are many heroes that you can summon, you will only use four for your team.

Your team will also have certain formations that they can follow when you go on quests and battles. There are many different formations to follow, but most of them will be unlocked after you reach certain levels.

Amazing Features of This Adventure RPG

  • Offline idle play will allow you to earn resources and treasures even if you’re offline
  • Real-time cooperation with friends to take on various challenges
  • Customize your heroes through the in-depth job system
  • Enjoy continuous battle against enemies
  • Free to play

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How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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