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About this Game

Introducing Slap Kings, a game where you can experience having the feeling of content after slapping someone. Here, you can try having slapping competitions for fun. This is the kind of PC game which allows you to slap with all your might. Otherwise, you will end up being smacked good! There are options in the game to use some boosts or helmets to help you get through different levels.

How to Play Slap Kings

Slap Kings is an action game wherein you just need to click the screen for your character to attack. It is a turn based game so you will take turns with your opponent in slapping each other. Ultimately, the goal is to make your opponent lose all his health before you lose yours.

To do this, you must click whenever you see the pointer on the damage bar is at the center. It is indicated as a dark green area of the bar. This can give you the maximum damage output based on your current level. As you keep on winning, you also receive gold coins. You will be using these coins to upgrade either your total health or your damage output.

You also have the option to use up some power ups during the game. Although, this entails for you to watch some in-game advertisements. An example of a power up in this game is called the super slap. With this power up, you will double the damage output that you will be giving out. But this is based on where the damage bar stops.

During the early levels of this game, you may not need to use these power ups. It is because the opponents have fairly low health and low damage output. However, as the level increases, the gap increases between you and your opponent’s health and damage. When you reach these levels, you will need to use power ups. These can definitely give you an advantage during the game.

Game Features

  • Simple yet very addicting gameplay
  • Meet entertaining characters in the game
  • Hone your strength and timing skills
  • Use some boosts to win the game

Play Slap Kings now on your PC for free to experience crazy fun time by slapping someone. This game is sure to give you a great time. Want more action games like this? This site can give you that, try downloading Flippy Knife and Zombie Guard. Enjoy!

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