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About this Game

Are you afraid of the dark? Then maybe Slendrina: The Cellar isn’t the game for you. If you do enjoy the occasional jump-scare, you may be interested in this free scavenger hunt horror game by DVloper. The Slendrina franchise of horror games all have the same formula, and it’s a popular enough title to have spawned 10 games and one spinoff series. Horror is in such demand and this game proves it.

Slendrina is a reminiscent of another infamous cryptid you may have heard of online. Slenderman has been a staple of creepy-pasta horror stories since the early days of the Internet, and Slendrina in her dark cellar evokes many of the same feelings. In fact, according to the lore, Slendrina is Slenderman’s daughter!

Seek & Escape!

In this game, you’ll be running through that dark cellar to seek out 8 missing books before attempting to escape with your life. It’s simple, but don’t think that it’s easy. Occasionally the books are behind locked doors, so players must also seek keys. And of course, Slendrina will be stalking you the whole time.

The game has 3 levels of difficulty. As the game’s difficulty increases, the sooner Slendrina inflicts damage on the player so you better look away faster. True to the horror game trope, if you don’t look away fast enough, red blood streaks appear on the edges of the screen signifying damage has been taken. If you accumulate too much damage, then the player’s character is killed.

Give Your Heart a Jump-Start

After finding the 8th and final book in the dark cellar, players must seek the exit door. If the door is opened before Slendrina can kill the character, the player wins. Slendrina is vanquished out of the dark cellar, and the player is congratulated for a job well done.

With Slendrina and the app now installed on your PC, you can easily browse and install any of the hundreds of mobile games available from our library. You can launch it any time by finding the shortcut on your desktop, or searching for Slendrina using the search bar. Download and play any game you like, absolutely free. Enjoy! More horror games like Horror Forest 3D and Adventure Escape: Asylum and them to your collection.

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