Sniper Shoot Fire War
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Sniper Shoot Fire War – Take Out Enemy Squads

Do you think you have what it takes to shoot down enemy squads on your own? If you do, then you should try playing this fun arcade shooting game. It’s called Sniper Shoot Fire War and it’s a game that’s published by RAY3D. It’s a first-person shooting game where your objective is to take out the enemy squad to complete a level.

The game offers a limitless number of levels for you to complete with each one being more difficult than the last one. The game also has a custom game mode for you to play. To help you understand better what this game offers, let’s discuss how to play it in the next section.

How to Play Sniper Shoot Fire War

When you start Sniper Shoot Fire War, you will only have access first to the Level mode. The only map available will be the city and you’ll start with level one. You can also choose to purchase weapons, or more health before beginning. Once done, just click play to start. Before the actual gameplay begins, the game will just show you the basic movements.

After that, you can start shooting enemies. Now, the enemies won’t start doing anything unless you hit one of them. Even if you shoot but not hit anything, the enemies won’t do a thing. In the city, you will be shooting from the top of a building, giving you the high ground. Once you hit an enemy, they will start shooting you, so be careful. You can move around the building or crouch to avoid their shots.

You will have two weapons to use, a sniper and a submachine gun. You can switch weapons any time. It’s important to remember that the sniper can kill enemies with one shot, but its rate of fire is slow. A submachine gun will require several hits before it kills an enemy, but it has a fast rate of fire. So, be wary of the situation and just switch weapons as needed.

You also have to watch out for your health. You can use your med-kit or shoot the med-kit you see to regain health and avoid dying. You earn gold for killing enemies and completing a level. The gold can be used to purchase new weapons or purchase medical kits. As you progress further in the city, the Desert map will soon be unlocked. Just keep progressing to unlock more maps, as well as the custom game mode.

Sniper Shoot Fire War Features

  • Two game modes to enjoy and play
  • Choose from different weapons to use in the game
  • Almost limitless levels to complete
  • Difficulty scales as you progress

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