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SpriteBox Code Hour - Free Your Bottled Friends By Debugging Codes

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Are you looking for a challenging action game that will test your logical thinking skills? Then, you shouldn’t miss the chance to play SpriteBox Code Hour. In this casual action game, you have to run, jump and do loads of coding. This game is not only suitable for adults due to its coding mechanics. It’s also perfect for kids to let them explore the use of codes.

Published by SpriteBox, SpriteBox Code Hour is a game you can play during your free time or even the entire day. Though this casual game uses tech terms, you’ll surely be amazed by its adorable graphics and stunning environment.

Save Your Bottled Friends

SpriteBox Code Hour is a unique puzzle platformer that shares the same perspective as the infamous platform-style games nowadays. In this action game, you’ll be set in a particular world. From there, you need to save your bottled friends through coding puzzles while collecting stars. To move on to the next world, you need to complete the current world first filled with coding tasks.

To advance to the next world, you need to follow various Sprite programs where you’ll need to understand how to use sequence commands, modify parameters, logically remove faulty errors and utilize simple to complicated twists in solving problems. However, take note that the coding optimized in SpriteBox Code Hour is based on real Java syntax, so if you have a basic or broad knowledge of Java, it can be a great advantage to you.

SpriteBox Code Hour Inspired By Real Java

In SpriteBox Code Hour, you need to debug various broken codes in each world. Take note that the game doesn’t offer any hints or help in dealing with challenging codes. With that said, you might get frustrated or stuck in a certain world. Instead of giving up, you can try working out on that challenge and trying your best to fix the broken code.

As you play SpriteBox Code Hour, you’ll see the game based on blocky design and feel like you’re working in Java mode as you debug codes. In addition, a preset list of commands you need to follow makes the game more interactive. Furthermore, you’ll get a chance to explore various Java code functions in real life.

Brainteasing SpriteBox Code Hour Action Game Features

  • A mind-teasing action game
  • Blocky graphics and excellent effects
  • Work or debug Sprite programs, errors, and parameters
  • Save your friends from various worlds
  • Hone your logical thinking skills in debugging broken codes
  • No hints or help from the game
  • Perfect for adults and kids

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