Super Penguins
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Super Penguins: A Wacky Free-Running Game

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super penguins download free
super penguins download PC
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Chill out with the cool Super Penguins! Your archenemy, the octopus, kidnapped your friends and it’s all up to you to save them. In this endless runner, Super Penguins introduces plenty of crazy stunts and cool powerups. Think you can keep up with the icy frenzy? Download Super Penguins today right here!

A Run in Antarctica

This three-lane free running game by Supersolid is all about collecting coins while doing so with style. Of course, the only thing more valuable for the penguins is their get-up. Stylize yourself and your penguin buddies in a slew of outfits that you can unlock as you keep on playing. Don’t worry, you do not have to pay for any of that at all. In fact, you can complete the game 100% even without paying with real money.

Antarctica is a cool place (no pun intended) for you to do your stunts as a parkour penguin. Moreover, you can only play Super Penguins online because it is rigged to strictly require Internet connection.

Also, this is the first endless runner game that features Antarctica. Therefore, expect lots of slippery obstacles, frozen puddles, seals, and orcas along the way. And, no, there are no Eskimos or abominable snowmen detected here.

Classic Endless Running at Its Finest

You can say that this action game is more forgiving than other endless runners. Since it targets the younger demographic, the game includes lesser complexities along with easier obstacles. Yet, that does not mean it is anything too easy. Just like any other endless runner games, the match gets gradually harder the longer you stay on track. The only question is, how long can you keep on running until you hit the next obstacle?

Of course, expect textbook endless runner stuff, including powerups, unlockable characters, and plenty of replayability.

How to Play This Runner Game

Super Penguins is a 3-lane endless runner game. You swipe your penguin’s direction using the mouse. However, you can always change the controls onto the keyboard if you want. To bind the controls to the keyboard instead, press the F1 key and activate Edit Mode.

When you’re in the game, make sure to collect as many coins as you can. Along the lanes, you will occasionally find power-ups, including coin magnets, shields, and even a mutation where you become a giant penguin.

Amazing Features to Watch Out For

  • Classic endless runner gameplay
  • Funny slapstick moments
  • Bunch of penguins to unlock
  • Fresh outfits available per update
  • Seamless free running experience

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