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Tap Tap Breaking

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About this Game

Have you been stressed out lately? Do you feel like punching or breaking something just to de-stress? You can punch or beak things in real life, but destroying things is messy. Tap Tap Breaking game is a new simulator game filled with fun and excitement. Test your skills in becoming the next breaking king or queen! Tap your way into becoming the lord of destruction in this simple yet fun clicker game download!

If you want to try Tap Tap Breaking PC out, then hit the download button on the screen. It’ll give you access to our free-to-play PC version with tons of exclusive features! It’s your chance to break things. Challenge yourself, and see where your karate skills will take you–only at Tap Tap Breaking!

Become the Best in Karate with Tap Tap Breaking

Tap Tap Breaking is a simulator game where you get to break everything in front of you. This is a free app made by ODAAT studio, and it’s perfect for those wanting to play a game to de-stress. Your character is a karate beginner in the pursuit of becoming a karate master. What you need to do is to break things to achieve that dream. You will have to use your devastating karate chop technique to destroy any objects in front of you. So, focus your mind, and steel your resolve as you cop your way to peak Karate!

How to Play Tap Tap Breaking on PC

Also, in Tap Tap Breaking, all you need to do is to break or karate chop everything in front of you. And you can do that by tapping or clicking the character non-stop. There are different kinds of materials that you can break, like bamboo, wood, bricks, granite, and more. The more things you break, the harder the materials become. Moreover, there are Earth Things, Universe Things, and God Things. Destroy as many as you want and earn the reward of $20,000 in-game currency. Truly, nothing’s better than getting paid to destroy objects!

Free-to-Play PC Online Game Features

  • Plenty of things to break. From Earth Things to God Things.
  • Amazing clicker game.
  • Non-stop Action for Everyone
  • Become the Breaking King
  • Simple yet fun game mechanics

Tap Tap Breaking is an awesome simulation game and we have more tucked away in our games library. Solve the creepy mystery behind the infamous Addams Family: Mystery Mansion or run a massive jail in Prison Empire Tycoon! We have the best PC titles in Games.lol and they’re all playable for free!

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