Tap Titans 2
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Tap Titans 2: Defend the World by Tapping the Enemies Away

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tap titans 2 pc download
tap titans 2 gameplay on pc
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Tap Titans 2 is where you will need to tap your fingers away to save the world from the titans! All you need to do is tap, tap, and tap to slay your enemies. You also have to call upon your war heroes as well! Tap, and you can become the hero that the world is looking for.

The best game is where you don’t need too much effort at all. But at the same time, you can see that action and adventure are still there. Nothing beats a game that’s both simple and exciting at the same time.

Click on that Tap Titans 2 download to enter the magical world where monsters are rampant, and heroes are everywhere. Save the day and experience fun just by tapping! This game won’t let you down.

Start your Adventure

Tap and use your sword by killing Titans and monsters. Tap Titans 2 is a game by Game Hive Corporation full of epic and exciting adventures. With the help of your outstanding tapping reflexes, you get to kill every titan on your way. Also, with your ninja-like skills and non-stop tapping adventure, every enemy will be slain!

As the Sword Master, you get to recruit only the best heroes and pets to help you on your journey. Although, this idle-clicker game is more than just clicking and tapping. You also get to follow a storyline with excellent graphics as well. Download and play Tap Titan 2 now for an incredible adventure ahead!

The Ultimate Guide for Tap Titans 2 Game

To start your journey in Tap Titans 2, choose your Avatar and screen name first. These are displayed for multiplayer features like clans and tournaments. Next, change your settings like sounds, music, notification, language, and more for a comfortable gaming experience.

Tap on your screen and watch the Sword Master attack the Titan. Once the Titan is dead, you’ll receive gold, which is used to upgrade the Sword Master’s damage, powerful heroes, and skills. Next, click on the Sword Master tab found at the bottom of the screen. Then, click on Level Up to increase the level of the Sword Master.

Stages are where you will see normal titans and bosses. Once you progress, the enemies become more powerful, but they will give you more gold. The more gold you have, the more heroes you can unlock to join you. Maya Muerte is the first hero that you will get to unlock. Meanwhile, On stage 8, you will face Kage, who has Nova trapped inside. Once Nova is released, you can unlock the Pet tab and see all the pets you can get.

Equipment, Fairies, Active Skills, Artifacts, and Relics all play a part in leveling up your heroes, pets, and Sword Master. As you pass through the many levels, you will become stronger.

Exciting Features

  • Play the full idle RPG experience offline
  • Defeat over 150 titans
  • Unlock heroes and pets to help you win the levels
  • Level up your heroes by using unique skills
  • Strengthen your heroes with the help of artifacts
  • Use Equipment and customize your hero
  • Explore multiplayer mode and defeat titans with the help of your clan

In Tap Titans 2, players can build a deck of strong and powerful cards that can increase speed, efficiency, and performance in battle. Collecting cards is a new way to increase sword power that will grant active and passive abilities to slay monster enemies!  Check out our collection of action games like Forge of Empires and Zombie High School.





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Minimum System Requirements

You can install Games.lol on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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