Time Defenders
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3.7 ★★
Vespa Inc

Time Defenders - Unleash Your Strategies to Restore Peace in Tokyo

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time defenders pc download
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If you’re fond of anime and looking for a mesmerizing game that will keep you on your toes, then you shouldn’t miss the chance to play Time Defenders. It combines a role-playing and tower defense elements where you’ll get your heroes through the gacha system.

Published by Vespa Inc., Time Defenders is a new kind of Tower Defense that you’ll surely anticipate playing. This game is exhilarating because it features more than 70 Japanese-inspired characters you can use in your intense battles. Moreover, take note that every hero depicts a unique ability and stats that can help you create an effective synergy of heroes.

Time Defenders – The Interesting Story

Time Defenders’ story takes place in the city of Tokyo, shattered by a destructive disaster in a spacetime fissure, and Ordo, the game’s main antagonist. To save all the people of Tokyo, you need to fight Ordo with the help of Metheus, known to be the leader of the Time Defenders. Together, you’ll do everything it takes to restore the peace in Tokyo.

To fight the evil actions of Ordo, you need to develop a team from the over 70 heroes available. As mentioned above, each hero possesses unique skills that will help you annihilate the forces of Ordo. These characters come with 3D modeling, and you’ll surely enjoy playing with them once the live-action battles begin. Additionally, they are equipped with various voice actors making them more realistic.

Download Time Defenders on PC

To understand and efficiently play Time Defenders, you need to know what currencies you need to achieve in order to advance in the game. In this RPG, there are three types of currencies you need to opt for; Diamonds, Dimension Energy, and Gold.

Diamonds are an important currency in the game as you can use them to summon your heroes. Also, you can use them in recharging dimension energy. If you’re just starting to play this game, this currency will help you achieve the best line of heroes. On the other hand, Dimension Energy is known as the energy currency of the game. This currency will allow your characters to grind in various stages.

Lastly, Gold is the primary currency of Time Defenders. This currency is utilized in carrying out various tasks. Though you can spend dimension energy or diamonds, you can use this currency as an alternative. Acquire gold by immersing in mission events. Additionally, as you progress, you can use this currency to upgrade your hero skills, imprints, and levels.

While playing Time Defenders, there are two missions your heroes can participate in – the weekly and daily missions. If you’re looking for valuable rewards that you can use for your heroes, you must immerse yourself in these missions all the time.

Intoxication RPG Features You Shouldn’t Miss

  • A fantastic combination of RPG and tower defense
  • Choose from the over 70 heroes available
  • Opt for essential currencies to advance in the game effectively
  • Upgrade your heroes’ skills, imprints, and levels
  • Immerse in various battles and missions
  • The heroes work in 3D models and voice actors

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