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Toca Kitchen 2: Download Free Fun Cooking Games for Kids

Hey there kiddo, do you want to become a chef in a kitchen game for kids? Do you want no one to tell you what to do with the ingredients and make everything from scratch? Now you can in Toca Kitchen 2! The game makes a big return with even bigger surprises! And this time around, there are more ingredients to choose from and more ways to cook up a storm. With easy drag-and-click controls, funny-looking characters and yummy yet disgusting ways to cook food, Toca Kitchen 2 puts your culinary creativity to the test in this cooking game!

Pick Your Toca Kitchen 2 Ingredients

Your imagination is your only limit. Toca Kitchen 2 brings back crowd-favorite ingredients along with new ones in the mix! There are no recipes to follow, no instructor to tell you what to get. Just open up the fridge and witness the produce before you! Meat, fruits, vegetables, rice, pasta, bread, cakes, you name it!

Cook However You Want

Have you ever fried a cake? Grill some rice? How about boiling a burger? They may sound all so wrong, but whatever you do in the game is right! After choosing your ingredients, you get to choose how you want to cook them, too. Oh, and don’t forget to add some seasoning as well. Hold on, did you add sugar instead of salt on your dish? Oh well, that’s fine.

Watch Your Guests’ Reactions

In the end, someone has to taste your food, right? Why not invite some guests over? Maybe a friend or a family? Look at their faces when you feed them! Make an icky dinner that they’ll gag and barf on. On the other side, if you create a wonderfully delicious meal with the proper ingredients and cooking method, they’ll turn happy and keep on eating your food!

In this game, how you cook your meal is up to you. How your guests react is also up to you. So, are you ready to spice up your life? Play Toca Kitchen 2 now on PC! Then, try out some more awesome casual games form our selection, such as Cafeland – World Kitchen and Cooking Fever!

toca kitchen 2 cook
toca kitchen 2 eating
toca kitchen 2 no food
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toca kitchen 2 cook
toca kitchen 2 eating
toca kitchen 2 no food
toca kitchen 2 plates
toca kitchen 2 smells good




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