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About this Game

A funny yet action-packed simulation game with frivolous physics madness has come to PC! Wherein you take on the role of a delivery guy and you know, go up and about delivering packages anywhere. Sounds too easy? Don’t be so sure. With the game’s ragdoll physics, it is quite challenging. Slightly colliding with something will instantly knock you out cold. Sprint, leap, dive, and grapple your way through the world of Totally Reliable Delivery Service. And oh, beware of various distractions that you’ll come across along the way – like items you can play with.

In this sandbox platform game, you can explore the world however you like! Created with ridiculous physics, this game will surely make you laugh with all the crazy situations you’ll end up in.


Single Campaign and Online Multiplayer

You can try either going solo or bring your friends along for some fun-filled chaos but ensure the safety of your deliveries. It’s a call for some collaborative chaos!


A world filled with distractions

Tired of going around making deliveries all day? Why not take a break and play around? The Totally Reliable Delivery Service world is chock full of toys, odd machinery, or useful gadgets that can be used for work or just plain pranks.


Ragtag Crew

You can customize your other delivery guys into whatever! Give them their unique style and aesthetic. You can apply your personal touch to the delivery guys, explore your creativity, or apply some inspiration into the delivery guys through this feature, it’s all up to you! Make sure to make the most out of it so that you’ll be able to experience the game more.


How to download

Buckle up, it’s delivery time! Delivery attempted, that’s a Totally Reliable Delivery Service guarantee! Can you defy the laws of physics and reliably deliver packages to the right destination? Or will you screw your customers to experience all the fun the distractions can give you? Try Totally Reliable Delivery Service PC now and kill some time by yourself or friends!

Head down below and look for the big bright yellow button “Play Now” and click on that. Your download will begin and this will only take a few minutes, done? Now, run the program and our emulator will pop up. Use the search bar and search for Totally Reliable Delivery Service then hit the search icon. Click on Install Game that you will find on the right side of the main game’s page and all done! You just have to wait for it to be installed and you can now play the game whenever you want on PC.




Simulation games are one of the best game genres to exist today, many people like how it immerses you into the game. If you want more of this, check out The Sims™ Mobile and Cafeland – World Kitchen on this site for free! Have fun playing!

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