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About this Game

What would you do if the plane you are on crashed? The good news is that you are alive. However, the bad news is that you landed on a lost Tropical Island Survival 3D. To make things worse, wild predators are nearby and hungry for flesh.


tropical island survival 3d download


Imagine being one of the lucky few who survived this great misfortune in the sky. This time, you will have to deal with your survival on the island. Explore the hostile terrain, outlast the elements, and outwit the predators. Hunt, explore, battle, and try to find your way home in this free desktop PC game. It is an action-packed adventure filled with dangers, wild animals, and daring quests.


tropical island survival 3d game


Salvage all the tools you can gather and explore the beautiful island for more resources. But beware of the wild animals. Sharpen your weapons and hone your skills. Do everything within your capacity to survive this picturesque yet hostile environment. Fight and survive in the Tropical Island Survival 3D desktop game.


tropical island survival 3d pc


Want to take part in this island adventure? Play Tropical Island Survival 3D free. But it’s not over yet, there are so many more Adventure Games waiting for you, like Mad Zombies : Offline Zombie Games and Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 Demo!

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