True Surf Play: Practice & Serve All The Way with the Waves

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About this Game

Surf’s up, dude! The True Surf game is finally coming to the PC, and it’s all about riding the waves and catching the tides. There may be only a few good surfing games. True Surf, fortunately, delivers all the significant aspects of the extreme beach sports: riding the current of large waves and kissing the water with sick moves. It’s a global competition, and only one can come out on top as the best surfer in the world. Do you have what it takes to become the world champion?

Play True Surf online on PC! Download the game here and start running towards the beach as the waves come near.

True Surf Simple Controls, Complex Tricks Play

While the controls may be very streamlined, doing the tricks like 360 backflips and grinding on the wave lips are quite challenging to pull off. You have to time your balance right and catch the most significant waves to get the best score.

Also, one of the best parts is the ability to customize your quiver. It can be whatever color, design, fin position, and shape. Just remember that your fins’ positioning and the curves of the board determine the speed, spin, and ollie of your quiver once you catch the waves.

Compete on a Global Sports Scale

You’ll be heading out to various locations all over the world in a global competition of the best surfers. Experience the fantastic view of Honolulu, rush to Bali’s wavy beach, have fun with the locals at Ibiza, and many more. Besides, the locations are unlocked as soon as you start the game. Pick a destination and start crashing in True Surf!.

While it does not have a multiplayer mode, it includes a high-score tally, which determines the world’s best players. Will your name show up on the leaderboard? Try True Surf with your friends now! Download the game here on this page and let the journey of surfing begin!

Download True Surf on PC

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