Skateboard Party 2
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Maple Media

Skateboard Party 2 - Dominate Skater Parks & Become The Best Skater

skateboard party 2 download PC 1
skateboard party 2 download PC free 1
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skateboard party 2 download free 1
skateboard party 2 download PC 1
skateboard party 2 download PC free 1
skateboard party 2 download full version 1
skateboard party 2 download free 1

If you’ve always wanted to be a skater but don’t have the skateboard skills for it, then play this game. It’s titled Skateboard Party 2 by Maple Media, a game where you can live your dream of being a skater. You can showcase your skateboarding skills and do tricks in a skate park. The goal in the game is to become the best skater in the game.

We’ll discuss this awesome game in more detail. It will help you see what you can do in Skateboard Party 2 and how the game works.

Showcase Your Skateboarding Skills

What you will enjoy in the game is that it provides you with an avenue to be a skater. It’s a game where you’ll be able to showcase your skateboarding skills through the skater character you’re playing. And it’s not just a simple skateboarding game where you skate and do tricks. Yes, Skateboard Party 2 features a free skate mode but there’s also a career mode. You play as a skater and try to achieve high scores through the skateboarding tricks you’ll do.

Aside from being the best skater, you also try to earn points to unlock items and new locations to skate in. Skateboard Party 2 features many locked items, locations, and skaters. What’s interesting is that the items you can unlock come from well-known brands like Powell & Peralta, Bones, Golden Dragon, and Tork Trux. And as you play in the career mode, you try to unlock them to enjoy playing the game even more.

How Skateboard Party 2 is Played

Skateboard Party 2 is not like many games out there. There won’t be a tutorial in the beginning, so you have to figure out how the game is played. It’s not hard to do since the controls of the game are straightforward. There’s the movement button which you use to make your skater move. Then you will have four action buttons. Each of these buttons is what you’ll press to do tricks. And each one will let you do various tricks in Skateboard Party 2. Doing tricks will require a bit of practice.

You need to make sure you do them well and the timing is perfect or you’ll crash. Remember that the points you earned won’t count in Skateboard Party 2 if you crash. It’s why a bit of practice is needed to get the timing right. So it’s better to start with the Free Skate mode. You can practice playing the game and getting the timing right without any time limit. There’s a time limit in Career Mode. It’s better to play it after practicing first in the game’s Free Skate mode.

Skateboard Party 2 Features

  • Choose between Career Mode or Free Skate
  • Unlock different items and locations by doing well in the Career Mode
  • Customize the controls to your preference
  • Nine different skaters to choose from that you can customize

If you can’t get enough of this racing game where you ride skateboards, then check out Mike V: Skateboard Party. If you want a different racing game but with similar gameplay, check out Snowboard Party: World Tour. These are available here in




How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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