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Experience the #1 War Strategy RPG Game! 

Tired of the usual war games? Try a better one that requires tactics and strategies on War and Magic! Enjoy a fantasy RPG game that is full of action and adventure. Manage your army and lead them towards a great victory in many kingdoms and territories.

You have to build a great army. To attract the best heroes and soldiers, you have to maintain high prestige and a good reputation. Good heroes will do their best to serve such an honorable leader! However, good fighters still need weapons – so make sure you equip your soldiers with powerful ones.


Build Your City and Form Alliances in War and Magic

Aside from building a strong army, you also need to build a great city for your people. You have to gather enough resources, build infrastructures, put up research centers and training fields for your soldiers.

Aside from that, winning wars is not always easy. However, you can increase your chances in every battlefield by forming alliances with other players and kingdoms on War and Magic! You can also determine your own role in the war – will you be a master strategist? A dealer, or spy? Download the game and join epic battles on War and Magic free PC game! For more strategy games, try out Clash Royale or Mobile Legends Bang Bang now!

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