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Infinity Kingdom - Join the Battle for Norheim With Your Immortals

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Infinity Kingdom is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) strategy game developed by Yoozoo (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. It is set in a cartoon-style world called Norheim, where you take on the role of a resourceful lord and must defend their city against the evil gnomes and other invading players.

The Infinity Kingdom game involves conquering territories, gathering resources, building structures, and training armies to protect and expand your city. The final objective is to fend against adversaries and bring peace back to Norheim, which has been devastated by the gnome invasion. The game also features Immortals, legendary leaders from history that you can recruit to lead their troops into battle.

Infinity Kingdom – Battle Against Gnomes With Your Immortals

As was already mentioned, Infinity Kingdom is a cartoon-style MMO strategy game where you have to defend yourself against other players who can try to invade and pillage your resources and undo your hard-won gains. Can you conquer the city and discover the Infinity while keeping your kingdom safe from harm?

As you play Infinity Kingdom online, more than 50 powerful immortals from various civilizations are at your disposal to aid in your quest. The Philosopher’s Stone can be used to call these immortals to the Hall of Immortals, where they can bring powerful abilities that can change the course of a battle. You can enlist the aid of Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, Merlin, Robin Hood, and other legendary people to further your cause.

But even the mightiest immortals need support, and that’s where your dragon comes in. You can select one of the seven different varieties of elemental dragons, hatch the egg, and watch the hatchling develop into a fearsome warrior. Assign your dragon with the same element as your immortals, and you can activate exclusive buffs that give you the edge in battles.

Develop Your Cities & Train Your Troops

Of course, victory in the Infinity Kingdom requires more than powerful immortals and dragons. Additionally, you must build their cities, expand their resources, and hone their armies. With strategic planning, quick reflexes, and a little luck, you can outmaneuver your enemies, defeat the gnomes, and restore peace to the scarred land of Norheim.

But the adventure continues after the Infinity Kingdom game. You can send scouts to visit various ruins dotted over the global map in order to collect stele shards and learn more about the history of Norheim. And with a boundless array of rewards awaiting you in your exciting adventure, the possibilities are truly endless.

So what are you waiting for? Sharpen your strategies, customize your perfect team, and save the dog in the Infinity Kingdom online.

Challenging Infinity Kingdom Game Features

  • More than 50 Immortals from various civilizations await your command
  • Summon powerful Immortals at the Hall of Immortals with Philosopher’s Stone.Hatch and raise epic dragons into fierce fighters in battles
  • Choose from 7 types of elemental dragons for your army
  • Assign dragons to Immortals and activate exclusive buffs for the ultimate strategy
  • Customize your team’s elemental unit and dominate the battlefield
  • Explore ruins to uncover Norheim’s history and gain Stele Shards
  • Use Stele Shards in your territory’s Monuments to reveal the secrets of Norheim

Join the epic battle for Norheim today and play Infinity Kingdom on your PC! Take advantage of the chance to command a mighty army of Immortals and dragons and defend your land against the evil gnomes. And if you’re looking for more thrilling strategy games, check out our website for similar titles! You can check Kingdom Clash – Legion Battle and Rise of Kingdom: Lost Crusade.




How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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