Water Sort Puzzle – Color Sorting Game
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IEC Global Pty Ltd

Water Sort Puzzle – See How You Can Sort The Colored Liquid Properly

water sort puzzle download free
water sort puzzle download full version
water sort puzzle download PC free
water sort puzzle download PC
water sort puzzle download free
water sort puzzle download full version
water sort puzzle download PC free
water sort puzzle download PC

Do you consider yourself having an OCPD? Someone who likes things in order and in their proper place? Well, you will definitely enjoy playing Water Sort Puzzle, a casual puzzle game published by IEC Global Pty Ltd. In this game, you will be sorting colored water on test tube glasses.

Now, this game is not going to be as simple as you think since the glass will contain mixed-colored water. Hence, you have to make sure all the same-colored water is placed on one glass. Continue reading as we discuss its gameplay.

Learn the Fun Mechanics of Water Sort Puzzle

Like most puzzle games, the first level of Water Sort Puzzle will be a tutorial. Since it’s a tutorial, you’ll start with a simple and easy puzzle to solve. So, you’ll begin with two test tube glasses. All you have to do is tap one glass and then tap the other to fill its contents to the other glass.

Basically, that is how the gameplay works. It’s simple, right? The first several levels are easy since you’ll only deal with a few glasses and 2-3 colored water. But as you progress further and get to the higher levels, it becomes more difficult to play. You’ll be dealing with multiple glasses this time and more colored water. In other words, one glass can contain 2-4 different colors. This means that you’ll have to be strategic on how you’re going to pour the colored water.

Overall, there will be 2-3 empty glasses for you to work with. The number of empty glasses will depend on the level. And if there are more colored glasses on the level, then you’ll have more empty glasses to work with.

Moreover, there’s a limit to how much water you can put on a glass, so you’ll need to properly pour the glasses. It’s also important to note that you can only pour the same colored water on the glass. This means that you can’t place purple water on a glass that contains a pink one. You can only place it on the glass with purple water on top or an empty glass.

Fantastic Features of This Amazing Game

  • Simple and easy-to-play gameplay
  • Numerous levels to complete
  • No penalties or time limits to worry about

Water Sort Puzzle is a fun and entertaining game that is very simple to play. But it can also pose a challenge, especially as you progress further to the higher levels. If you’re looking for more puzzle games to play, then you should also try Color Puzzle Game or Jigsaw Puzzles Epic. Both are great puzzle games that you will also enjoy playing. They’re also available for free, so check them out now!




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