Weekend Warriors MMA
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Weekend Warriors MMA - Intense MMA Action as a Fighter or Promoter

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Get ready for an action-packed MMA fighting game experience with Weekend Warriors MMA by MDickie. This game, developed by the creators of the popular wrestling game, brings the excitement of mixed martial arts to your fingertips. With a roster of 300 fighters spread across 5 promotions and 5 challenging weight classes, you’re in for a treat as you dive into the world of virtual MMA warfare.

Fight or Promote Your Way to Glory

Weekend Warriors MMA offers players various ways to immerse themselves in the sport. You can choose to embark on a career as a ranked fighter, working your way up the ladder to become a true MMA champion. Alternatively, you can step into the shoes of a promoter, taking on the innovative “Promoter” mode that allows you to book and organize fight cards. The Weekend Warriors MMA Pro mode adds a new layer of strategy and management to the gameplay, making it the first fully playable promoter mode in an MMA game.

The game boasts a revamped control system that’s perfectly tailored for the intricacies of MMA combat. With these controls, you’ll have every move at your fingertips, allowing you to unleash strikes, grapples, counters, and more with precision. MMA is often likened to a game of human chess, and Weekend Warriors MMA captures this essence by requiring players to use their minds as much as their physical skills to secure victory.

Unlock Limitless Possibilities & Master the Controls in this MMA Game

Upgrading to the “Pro” version removes all limitations and offers the best possible career mode experience for an enhanced experience. This means you can start your journey with any fighter in any location. Therefore, adding an extra layer of flexibility to your gameplay. Moreover, the “Backstage Pass” option lets you customize all 300 powerful fighters. So you can start creating your dream matchups and scenarios. You have the power to tweak rules and settings. For instacnce, you can set the stage for pure 1-on-1 fights or indulging in over-the-top battles featuring up to 10 fighters at once.

The control scheme of Weekend Warriors MMA is intuitive and interactive. Additionally, it has an included tutorial to help you get started. The basics involve using cursors for movement. After that, combine the S button with directions for strikes, employing the G button for grapples and transitions, and utilizing the B button for blocking and escapes. The T button covers taunts, pins, and referee duties. Meanwhile, combining block and taunt enables you to interact with objects in the environment. The game also offers a focus-changing mechanic, health meters to switch characters when possible, and a clock for pausing, quitting, and camera options.

Action-Packed Weekend Warriors MMA Game Features

  • 300 powerful fighters, 5 promotions, 5 challenging weight classes
  • Choose career as ranked fighter or play as a promoter
  • “Promoter” mode for booking and organizing fights
  • Revamped control system tailored for MMA
  • Upgrade to “Pro” for unrestricted career mode
  • “Backstage Pass” to customize and create dream matchups
  • Rule customization for 1-on-1 or up to 10 fighters
  • Intuitive controls: cursors, S for strikes, G for grapples, B for blocks, T for taunts
  • Interactive tutorial for easy learning
  • Focus-changing mechanic, health meters, clock for pausing

Step into the electrifying world of MMA PC game combat with Weekend Warriors MMA by MDickie! Are you ready to experience the thrill of 300 fighters, innovative gameplay modes, and a revamped control system? If you’re looking for an exhilarating PC gaming experience, Weekend Warriors MMA has it all. But if you’re looking for more sports gaming excitement, explore Games.lol. Look for titles like Wrestling Empire and Rowdy Wrestling to keep your competitive spirit alive.




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