West Game
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West Game – Become The Top Dog In The Wild West

west game download free
west game download full version
west game download PC free
west game download PC
west game download free
west game download full version
west game download PC free
west game download PC

Do you think you can survive in the Wild West, where guns usually rule? Well, why don’t you find out in this exciting game? It’s titled West Game, a multiplayer strategy game that’s published by LEXIANG. In this game, you play in the year 1865 in America, which was also known as the wild west. It’s an era where there are usually no rules and gangs and bandits just do what they want.

You will see this Western theme when you play the West Game. It’s a game where you bet to build a town and make sure to protect it from gangs, bandits, and other groups that are looking to attack.

How to Play West Game on PC

Like with many strategy games, you’ll begin West Game with a tutorial, as well as a short storyline. The storyline will give you an idea of what the game is all about. Though it can be exciting and interesting, it’s important to remember that the storyline won’t play a huge role in your success. For the tutorial, you will learn about the basics of gameplay.

This would include constructing various buildings that provide certain functions in West Game. You also get to learn about upgrading your building to unlock more functions, researching, and training troops. Research is going to be important in your development and progression in this game. The troops are what you use to defend your base or attack other bases. But the performance of your troops in battle will depend on the heroes who are leading them. They will be the major component in ensuring whether you will be victorious in most battles or not.

Run With Other Gangs in the Wild West Town

The biggest reason for your success in West Game will be your cooperation with other players. It’s a multiplayer strategy game, which means you get to play with other people in real-time. Other players can attack your base anytime and you can also do the same. One way to boost your protection is by joining a strong and active alliance.

An alliance can help protect you in West Game as they can provide reinforcements or even scare off potential attackers. Being part of a strong and active alliance will also help in your development. You can ask for guidance from veteran players, as well as take advantage of the rewards of alliance events. So, make sure you join a good alliance in this game.

Game Features

  • Build, customize, and develop your town.
  • Train and establish a powerful army led by strong heroes.
  • Join alliances and enjoy different alliance perks.

If you like to play strategy games, you can also check out Dune 2 or Age of Warring Empire. They’re great multiplayer strategy games that you can also download and play for free.




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