Wild Cougar Sim 3D
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Wild Cougar Sim 3D - Protect Your Cougar Family in this Wildlife Game

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Wild Cougar Sim 3D, developed by Turbo Rocket Games, is one of the top exhilarating and immersive animal fighting games that allows players to step into the paws of a wild cougar. In this epic adventure, you’ll find yourself in a stunning 3D world where you must harness your inner solo hunter to survive and thrive in the wilderness.

Hunt, Build a Cougar Family, & Customize Your Gameplay

As a cougar, your primary objective is to survive by exploring your expansive territory, hunting prey such as rabbits, raccoons, and other wildlife as a carnivore. You’ll also face off against animal threats like a wolf, fox, bear, and more, making the game both challenging and exciting. In Wild Cougar Sim, you have the opportunity to establish your dominance and make your mark in the animal kingdom.

One of the standout features of the game is the ability to start a family of cougars. Instead of venturing alone, you can work together with your cougar family members to enhance your hunting skills and protect each other from the dangers of the wild. You can even engage in activities like playing games with your family or simply resting together in your den.

Customization plays a significant role in Wild Cougar Sim. You can personalize your cougar character to a remarkable degree, choosing its color, resizing various body parts, and adding special tattoos for a unique and distinct appearance. Moreover, the game offers an RPG-like experience where your cougar gains experience and levels up through hunting other animals. As your cougar levels up, you can allocate stat points to enhance its Power, Speed, and Health, making it even more formidable.

A World of Realism & Challenges

The game’s environment is truly vast and captivating, with four distinct islands, each offering a unique atmosphere to explore. This expansive world features eight dens, two on each island, providing strategic locations for you and your family. To help navigate this enormous territory, the game includes a 3D world map with zoom, rotation, and a compass for ease of movement.

Wild Cougar Sim 3D also follows a real-time day and night cycle, adding a layer of realism to your experience. For every 24 minutes you play, a full 24-hour day and night cycle unfolds within the game. This dynamic cycle influences animal behavior and the challenges you’ll face.

Furthermore, the game offers a comprehensive achievement system that allows you to unlock achievements by hunting specific animals or completing special missions. As you progress, you’ll also learn interesting facts about the life of a cougar.

With 15 different real-life animals to hunt, an informative in-game menu, a rotatable camera for a better view of your surroundings, and an in-depth quest system with 20 missions to complete, Wild Cougar Sim 3D offers an engaging and realistic experience for animal simulation enthusiasts. Explore the wild, build a cougar family, and conquer the wilderness as the ultimate cougar in this thrilling and immersive game.

Wild Cougar Sim 3D Game Features

  • Play as a wild cougar in a realistic 3D world
  • Survive and hunt various animals in the wilderness
  • Start and care for a family of cougars
  • Customize your cougar’s appearance with colors and tattoos
  • Gain experience and level up your cougar’s stats
  • Explore four diverse islands with eight dens
  • Utilize a 3D world map for navigation
  • Experience a real day and night cycle
  • Unlock achievements and learn about cougars’ lives
  • Hunt 15 different animals and complete 20 missions

Unleash your inner wild cougar and embark on a thrilling adventure in Wild Cougar Sim 3D! Play now on your PC for an immersive experience. Or, if you’re looking for more hunting games, explore a world of similar simulation games on Games.lol. Check out Wild Hunt: Hunting Games 3D and Deer Hunter 2018.




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