Wordgrams – Crossword & Puzzle
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Wordgrams - Your Ultimate Crossword Puzzle Adventure

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Wordgrams – Crossword & Puzzle by FunCraft Games is a revolutionary take on word games that combines the classic crossword puzzle with an innovative twist. In this engaging word game, players collaboratively complete crossword puzzles while competing for the highest score.

Wordgrams – Test Your Skills in Solving Crossword Puzzle

As you play Wordgrams, the puzzle is presented in a unique Scandinavian style, with clues ingeniously placed inside the squares. What sets Wordgrams apart is the inclusion of visual clues in the form of pictures, adding an extra layer of excitement and challenge to the gameplay.

In Wordgrams, each player starts their turn with a set of five letters and a limited 60 seconds to strategically place them on the grid. Points are earned for correct placements, completing words, and taking advantage of special bonus point tiles. The game encourages players to think critically about each move, as the decision to use a crucial letter can greatly impact their chances of victory.

Wordgrams Crossword & Puzzle caters to a wide range of word enthusiasts, appealing to fans of traditional crossword puzzles, Scrabble, and Words with Friends. It combines familiarity with innovation seamlessly to create a fresh, engaging wordplay experience.

Enjoy Solving Puzzles in Various Game Modes

Wordgrams offers various modes to suit different preferences. Players can challenge their friends, face off against random opponents from around the world, or opt for immediate gameplay with Sophie, the friendly in-game teacher who provides a perfect opportunity to sharpen word skills.

Incorporating visual clues as pictures into the crossword adds an element of fun and unpredictability to Wordgrams Crossword & Puzzle. Players must decipher these images to complete each wordgram successfully, making every turn a delightful challenge.

Wordgrams is the ultimate word game that invites players to gather their friends, test their word skills, and embark on an unforgettable word-tastic journey. Whether you’re a seasoned word aficionado or a casual word game enthusiast, Wordgrams promises hours of entertainment as you explore its unique blend of crossword and puzzle fun, one wordgram at a time.

Challenging Wordgrams Crossword & Puzzle Features

  • Two players complete crossword puzzles together for the highest score
  • Scandinavian-style puzzle format
  • Some hints are in picture form, adding excitement
  • Use 5 letters in 60 seconds for points and bonus tiles
  • Attracts crossword, Scrabble, and Words with Friends fans
  • Diverse game modes are available

Are you ready to dive into the thrilling world of wordplay? Seize the moment and join Wordgrams on your PC for an unforgettable adventure to test your vocabulary skills and strategic thinking. Play the game now and experience the fusion of crossword puzzles and innovative twists that await you.

But that’s not all – our website is a treasure trove of word game delights! If you’re hungry for more linguistic challenges and brain-teasing fun, explore our collection of similar word games that will keep you entertained for hours.

Don’t miss out on the excitement. Start your word-tactic journey today by playing Wordgrams on your PC and discovering a world of captivating word games on our website. You can play Kryss – The Battle of Words and Word Domination. The ultimate wordplay experience awaits!




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