Zombie Catchers
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Zombie Catchers - Create Supply & Demand for Tasty Zombie Juice

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Have you ever found catching zombies satisfying? If so, that is a real thing with Zombie Catcher! You can also sell them just like other products. Showcase your entrepreneurial bent on a digital world where you create demand for zombies. Try out this game today and enjoy hunting and selling zombies!

Zombie Catchers Online – Turn Zombies into Profit

Zombie Catchers is an action-adventure game published by Deca Games. If making sense of the zombie apocalypse tickles your interest, this is your game of choice. The game introduces the story of two entrepreneurial friends named AJ and Bud. They are 2 intergalactic businessmen who want to create an economy for zombie juice. Your role in the game is to act as AJ and catch as many zombies as you can.

Being brave is always your trait in this game as AJ is immune to any zombie attacks. He is even the one who searches for them for money. You have what it takes to be a zombie entrepreneur, right? That is your overall mission. Catch zombies and get ready to be a rich zombie businessman.

Strive for Your Bread & Butter

Zombie Catchers PC offers you fun to play entrepreneurial game mechanics. But, unlike any other entrepreneurial game, this will not teach you serious business thinking. Instead, the game brings fun rules having a slight combination of science fiction. As mentioned, you act as one of the 2 intergalactic entrepreneurs who want to profit from zombies. You can use weapons like nets, hooks, traps, and even guns to catch them. Make zombies your bread and butter, which enables you to sell them as zombie juice. There is a demand, however, so you need to continue the venture.

As you progress through the game, you will see your business booming and the demand increasing. Acquiring additional equipment is a must, so you need to expand your business. You don’t have to worry as there are still a lot of zombies around the place. Hunt and catch zombies to expand your business to create more zombie juices and earn more coins. You will also earn essential resources like plutonium for your business. So it is worth it to continue your grind. The more you catch zombies, the faster you grow your zombie juice business.

Exciting Action Game Features to Enjoy

  • Be a zombie businessman that hunts zombies
  • Explore more places to search for more zombies
  • Expand your zombie juice business as you progress
  • Earn more coins from the profits
  • Acquire more objects and essential equipment

You can download and play Zombie Catchers and expand your zombie juice business. If action games suit your appetite, you can try Extra Lives and Smashing Rush: Parkour Action Run Game.




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Minimum System Requirements

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