Zombie Smasher Download Free PC Games on Gameslol
Zombie Smasher Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

Download Zombie Smasher | Free Atomic Zombie Smasher Play for PC

Prepare for an endless mouse-clicking madness in Zombie Smasher atom game for PC. This addictive zombie killing game will require you to smash all the blood-thirsty zombies for as long as you can. But instead of the usual killing weapons like a machine gun, shotgun, or rocket-launcher, your only weapon is your finger. Yes, you read it right! You will use your fingers to click on the mouse as you smash off all the zombies that come your way. Find out the ways that you can access the atomic mods for Zombie Smasher.

Feed your hunger to annihilate zombies in three different game modes and have a good time slaughtering wave after wave of disgusting zombies. The simple yet fully entertaining gameplay of the atomic game Zombie Smasher will surely keep your little fingers busy. Don’t allow them to get an inch closer to your door!


Atom Zombie Smasher Game Features:

Three Game Modes: Endless Killing Escapade

You’ll quickly find your free time getting gobbled up by the exciting and challenging atom game modes of Zombie Smasher. You will never get bored smashing those zombies in more than 60 levels of killing madness in the Story Mode. Do your best to survive a near endless onslaught in Survival mode and feel the pressure of taking out as many zombies you can in Time mode. Whichever mode you choose, you will surely have a good time.


zombie smasher


Terrifying Breeds of Zombies

Atom zombies alone are terrifying enough and in Zombie Smasher there are 7 breeds of them! Yes! Not just one or two but seven frightening breeds of hungry zombies are coming to your doorsteps. There’s the normal zombie, a cute but not to be trusted dog zombie, an oil-worker, a timber-man, a ghost, a baby, and a big fat zombie boss. All of them look adorable but don’t fall for the cute looks because no matter how precious they look they are still after your brain.


atomic zombie smasher


Make Your Free Time a Fun Time with Zombie Smasher!

Turn that boring afternoon into an intense zombie smashing action kind of day with Zombie Smasher. Several waves of undead zombies are slowly walking their way to your door and it is up to you if you will let them win. Keep them brainless by smashing the hell out of them and make your time worthwhile!


atom zombie smasher


Entertaining Zombie Designs

Zombie Smasher has taken a brave move of stepping away from the norm of bloody and horrible looking zombies. Instead, the zombies here look adorable and they are far from being scary. You might even say that they look cuddly, putting aside the decomposing parts of course. The overall art direction makes the game aesthetics very pleasing to the eyes and the zombies themselves are quite entertaining.


Zombie Smasher Tips and Tricks:

A Guide to Your Zombies

As mentioned, there are different types of undead in Zombie Smasher. Here’s a guide so you’ll know how to deal with them.

  • Basic Zombies – Pose a little threat but only in limited numbers
  • Driller or Oil worker Zombies – It will only die once they are above the ground but if they are underground, they’re untouchable
  • Dog Zombies – Changes direction or Speeds up without any warning
  • Ghost Zombies – Teleports across the play area
  • Baby Zombies – Don’t kill its mama or it will move towards your direction
  • Big Fat Zombies – Pressing and holding the head will make this zombie explode


zombie smasher games


How To Use Zombie Smasher Power-Ups Wisely

There is only a limited number of power-ups in the atomic Zombie Smasher so using them efficiently will make sense. Here’s the breakdown for each power-up:

  • Meat Lure – Attract Zombies
  • Lightning – Fries Zombies
  • Bomb – Blows the hell out of those sucker zombies

If you want to acquire more power-ups you have to spend real money, so use them as wisely as you can. Use power-ups only in the most desperate situations. Keep tapping those zombies before they reach the middle of the screen to avoid cramming.

Play Zombie Smasher 1 and 2 and indulge in this amazing guilt-pleasure zombie killing game! Want more finger crunching action games? Then try Swamp Attack and Break The Prison!

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