100 Doors Challenge
100 doors challenge pc game 100 doors challenge on pc
Pixel Tale Games

100 Doors Challenge - Embark on a Captivating Hidden Objects Adventure

100 doors challenge pc download
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100 doors challenge pc download
100 doors challenge gameplay on pc
100 doors challenge free pc download
100 doors challenge for pc

If you are a fan of puzzles and hidden objects, and have enjoyed playing games from the 100 Doors series, then 100 Doors Challenge by Pixel Tale Games is the perfect game for you! This captivating point and click adventure will put your skills to the test as you embark on a thrilling journey through a series of 100 doors.

Unleash Your Puzzle-Solving Prowess

The game features a wide array of exciting puzzles that will challenge your intellect and creativity. As a point and click game, you’ll navigate through the various levels by interacting with objects and solving intricate riddles. What sets 100 Doors Challenge apart are its cool mechanics, including the ability to manipulate time and space, combine objects to unlock new possibilities, and embark on a quest to find hidden items.

The levels in 100 Doors Challenge are beautifully designed with captivating animations that immerse you in the gameplay. Each location is detailed and visually appealing, adding to the overall enjoyment of the game. With nine distinct and breathtaking locations, there’s always something new to explore.

Escape to Victory: Conquer 100 Doors in this Captivating Puzzle Game

Best of all, 100 Doors Challenge is available absolutely FREE. Therefore, allowing players to indulge in an enthralling gaming experience without any financial barriers. The main objective is to escape the room by opening the 100 doors and progressing to the next floor by operating an elevator. To achieve this, you’ll need to use all the possibilities offered by the game’s mechanics, search for hidden objects, solve intricate puzzles, and make clever use of the items at your disposal.

In summary, 100 Doors Challenge offers a captivating and challenging gameplay experience for puzzle enthusiasts. Its point and click genre, exciting puzzles, unique mechanics, stunning animations, and detailed locations will give hours of entertainment. So, put on your thinking cap! Dive into this thrilling adventure. See if you have what it takes to conquer all 100 doors and escape to victory!

100 Doors Online Game Features

  • Point and click adventure game
  • 100 challenging doors to open
  • Exciting puzzles and hidden object searches
  • Cool mechanics, including time and space manipulation and object combination
  • Beautifully animated levels
  • Nine stunning and detailed locations to explore
  • Main goal: Escape the room by using endless possibilities and finding hidden objects

Ready for an epic puzzle-solving adventure? Then dive into the immersive world of 100 Doors Challenge for PC now! Test your skills, unlock 100 captivating doors, and conquer challenging puzzles. So play on PC. Discover more mind-bending puzzle games like Books of Wonder Hidden Objects and Escape Game: 50 Rooms 2 on Games.lol.




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