100 Floors – Can you escape?
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100 Floors - Solve Puzzles In 100 Rooms To Unlock The Door

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100 floors pc download
100 floors gameplay on pc
100 floors free pc download
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An entertaining and simple, yet challenging puzzle game you can play is 100 Floors Can You Escape by Tobi Apps. It’s a casual puzzle game where you will ride an elevator to get to the 100th floor. But for you to get there, you first have to stop at each floor and solve puzzles. That means you will have 100 rooms to go to and 100 doors that you’ll try to open. Each puzzle you’ll deal with is unique and will vary in difficulty. Do you think you can escape the 100 rooms?

To help you answer that question, let’s discuss further the gameplay of 100 Floors game free online. It will help you understand the kind of puzzles you’ll deal with and what you need to do to solve them.

Solve Simple to Difficult Puzzles on 100 Floors Online

100 Floors Can You Escape free online provides you with 100 rooms to escape from. And in each room, you will encounter different puzzles to solve. The puzzles will vary in difficulty. You will start with simple and easy ones for the first few floors. But as you progress, you start to encounter tough and tougher puzzles. It will require out-of-the-box thinking on your part to solve some of these puzzles the game offers.

What makes 100 Floors more fun compared to other escape the room games is that you only have one room to deal with. You don’t have to visit other rooms just so you can find the key or solve the puzzle to open the elevator door. You will have 100 rooms to escape from and 100 doors to open. But everything you’ll need to solve the puzzle is found in the room you need to escape from. It lessens the difficulty you have to deal with in the game.

How to Escape the Room Successfully

It’s not that hard to play 100 Floors Can You Escape. The goal in each room is for you to find ways to open the elevator door and go to the next floor. What’s interesting is that the puzzles are designed to test your wit. You can expect simple puzzles early on where you just move pieces to find the solution. Other puzzles require more outside-the-box thinking like looking at the room upside down to see the solution.

100 Floors Can You Escape also features more complex puzzles. There are those where you try to find the relation of the symbols with the numbers to solve the puzzle and open the door. Each puzzle is unique and you will have fun solving them. 100 Floors also feature different levels. This gives you more floors and rooms to escape from. There’s a master key that will instantly open the door for you if you want. But it’s limited, so use it wisely.

Escape Puzzle Game Features

  • 100 rooms to escape from and 100 doors to open
  • Solve puzzles ranging from simple to complicated
  • Use the master key to open the doors of hard-to-solve puzzles
  • Out of the box, thinking is needed to solve certain puzzles

If you love playing escape the room puzzle games, similar games you can try are 100 Doors – Without Internet and 100 Doors 2. Both games also give you 100 doors that you’ll try to open and escape from. Get these and more here in Games.lol.




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