3pt Contest: Basketball Games
3pt contest basketball pc game 3pt Contest: Basketball Games
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3pt Contest: Basketball Games - Shot The Best Ball In The Game

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3pt contest basketball pc download
3pt contest basketball gameplay on pc
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sDo you think you have what it takes to be a basketball star? How about becoming one of the greatest shooters in the game? Well, now’s your chance to try and achieve that with 3pt Contest Basketball Games.

It’s a sports game published by Weblinx Games. But it’s not the typical basketball game where you play 5-on-5 on the court. Instead, it’s a basketball game that focuses more on the three-point shot.

So, instead of being the best player, your goal here is to be the best shooter in the game. It’s a fun and exciting game that also provides a bit of a challenge. Let’s discuss in more detail its gameplay, so you can see how fun it is to play.

Become The 3pt King In 3pt Contest Basketball Games

The three-point shot has become the go-to shot of many teams and players, especially in the modern game. After all, three points will always be better than two points.

And this is more evident in 3pt Contest Basketball Games, as you get to just participate and compete in three-point shootout contests. The beauty of this game is that you don’t need to be an actual three-point shooter to win.

Just learn the mechanics of the game, then it just boils down to timing. And that’s the challenging part here, you need to have good timing to be a shooter here.

Your timing skills will be the one that determines whether you’ll be the three-point shooting king or not. But don’t worry, there will be upgrades and developments that will improve your player’s overall stats.

This will make it easier for you to shoot threes and dominate the competition. It’s a fun game that you will enjoy, especially if you’re a big fan of the three-point contests that big basketball leagues usually conduct.

Let’s now discuss the gameplay of 3pt Contest Basketball Games, so you can see how the game is played.

Getting Started with 3pt Contest Basketball Games

Like with many games out there, 3pt Contest Basketball Games will have a tutorial in the beginning. It will teach you the basics of the controls, as well as other aspects of the game like upgrading and competing in tournaments.

Shooting the ball is simple, as you just click, hold, and release to shoot. When to release the hold will depend on a gauge. The fuller the gauge is, the more accurate your shot will be. But take note, the gauge moves quickly, so this is where your ability to time will come in place.

You need to release the hold at the right moment so the gauge will be full and you make the shot. Earn money by completing a level and achieving all the missions.

You use the money to upgrade your player by purchasing basketball wear and ball design. The upgrades improve your stats like accuracy, allowing you to make more shots even if the gauge is not at the full bar. You get to compete on your own and complete missions, or against the game’s AI.

The Features of 3pt Contest Basketball Games

  • Equip different basketball wear to improve your player’s stats
  • Customize the ball design to also improve stats
  • Complete missions or compete in leagues
  • Become the three-point king & showcase your three-point prowess

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