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About this Game


Age of War is a thrilling strategy game that answers the question, “what did early men use to wage and win wars against one another?” From that question, others would also think whether the old ways of warfare can stand against modern ways or not.

Thankfully, people can now play Age of War on PC and see how ancient warfare can stand toe-to-toe with various wartime strategies throughout human civilization—past, present, and even the future! The original Age of War game is one of the popular Flash games back in the day. Thankfully, Max Games Studio released a remastered version for mobile and PC players today.


Master Strategy & Defense

Players are tasked to defeat various military leaders spanning across different eras of human civilization—from prehistory to the distant future. Each leader vanquished places the player one step forward to understanding how to win against enemies from any civilization!

Employing resource management and a bit of strategic foresight are key things to remember when playing Age of War. Depending on which time period you are in, you need to consider their strengths and weaknesses in terms of available units and structural defenses. This way, you can properly plan out the best way to defeat your enemies.




Wreak Havoc on the Battlefield

Conversely, you can choose to go all-in on assaulting the enemy base by training light to heavy infantry. You can also go for heavy artillery in the form of dinosaur riders, cavalry, or tanks, depending on which era you are in.

However, take note that the opposition might have formidable defenses. Some turrets are effective against certain units, but weak against others. So it is also best to check what kind of turret defense the opposition has before calling in your reinforcements. Doing the necessary preparations further tip the scales to your favor to eventually win the battle.


How to Play Age of War on PC

Although Age of War can be played on mobile, why waste all that action on a tiny screen when you can experience it in full-view glory through a PC? What we are saying is, yes you can play Age of War on your PC for free!

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