Apple Knight Action Platformer
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Limitless, LLC

Apple Knight Free - Pave Your Way Through Hordes of Obstacles

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apple knight download free
apple knight download PC
apple knight download full version
apple knight download PC free

Platformer games are known for their relaxing gameplay. However, you can try a more dynamic one with Apple Knight Action Platformer. This action platformer boasts pixelated game graphics with twists of features to tell. Immerse yourself in a 2D game environment and traverse a virtual landscape to experience the action.

Traverse On a 2D Game Environment

Apple Knight is an action platformer game published by Limitless, LLC. This action game brings the combined elements of heroism and adventure. You will traverse a 2D game environment where you face several obstacles.

These obstacles also have the capabilities to defeat you with their weapons and abrupt attacks. Your objective in the game is to run through and stab them with your sword. This requires you to pay attention while playing because there are other powerful enemies.

But that is not a big problem if you only know the navigation controls. Make sure to play this game through a platform to maximize your playstyle. It allows you to use the navigation controls efficiently and progress in the game quickly.

Dodge the Challenging Platformer Obstacles

Apple Knight offers you an action-packed platformer gameplay experience. The game lifts up immersive platformer adventures to the next level. Despite its game graphics, you will experience a dynamic platformer action like the high-end ones.

It’s like a vintage game that meets the criteria of modern platformers. You will traverse a long journey full of challenging obstacles that can knock you down. Encounter the hordes of unearthly creatures, evil wizards, and knights while running for adventure. Stab them with your sword as they hinder or even attack you to continue your journey.

You are not just eliminating the obstacles as you progress in Apple Knight. Eliminating them will also earn you coins to add to your resources. There are also other treasures to acquire as you traverse an exciting journey. Make sure to collect each of them while avoiding some unexpected obstacles subsequently.

These unexpected obstacles, such as thorns in your running path, can lessen your life while running. Similarly, pay attention to the other maze-like challenges to continue the smooth run. Pave your way to becoming an Apple Knight by dodging through obstacles and fighting your enemies’ bosses.

Apple Knight Game Features Worth Knowing

  • An interactive platformer gameplay experience
  • Traverse in a 2D game environment full of obstacles
  • Collect the coins and rewards as you run
  • Avoid other obstacles that lessen your life
  • Easy-to-use navigation game controls

Play Apple Knight on your PC today. Also, you can try other action platformer games like Run Sackboy! Run! and Monster Dash.




How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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