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Army Men Strike – Military Strategy Simulator

Volcano Force

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About this Game

You’ve probably played with the small toy plastic soldier before or have seen one of the Toy Story movies and saw the plastic soldiers there. Suppose you haven’t encountered them, well. In that case, it doesn’t matter, as you will soon meet them in Army Men Strike – Military Strategy Simulator. It’s a strategy game that’s published by Volcano Force. In this game, you will play a commander who will help the green toy soldiers in their war against the tan toy soldiers.

The tan soldiers will be at an advantage since they have been overwhelming enemies. But with your help and guidance, you can help turn it around. To understand the game better, let’s discuss in this article how to play Army Men Strike – Military Strategy Simulator.

How To Play Army Men Strike

You will see the two sides in an intense battle when you first play, with the tan side winning. But after you arrive and reinforcements for the green come, the battle turns around, and your side wins. Your first order of business will be to retake some of the territories that the tan soldiers took.

You will start with only soldiers and a plane for target bombing. The game will show a tutorial on how to attack, using two bombs first to weaken the defense before sending your soldiers to finish the job. After completing the mission, you will return to base.

In your base, your goal is to build different structures, as well as upgrade them. Each structure will serve a certain function like recruiting soldiers, heroes, tanks, doing research, etc. Upgrading the system increases their stats but be mindful of the requirements before you can upgrade them. You will need to meet the requirements first before you can upgrade.

You can also recruit heroes in this game. The heroes are stronger units that you will use to lead your other teams in battle. They will usually possess skills and abilities that can help turn the tide of the fight. There are many heroes available for you to recruit and use in battle.

Remember that in this strategy game, building a strong team is essential. A strong team will be the main difference between you winning or losing battles. To do that, you will also need to upgrade your base as it will help you train more powerful units and improve your team’s overall stats.

Army Men Strike Features

    • Recruit various elite hero toys in the game!
    • Lead your army of toy soldiers in the battle!
    • Real-time strategy war game in choosing your targets!
    • Join alliances so you won’t be facing battles on your own.
    • Free to play game on PC!

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