Auto Brawl Chess
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Auto Brawl Chess – Collect Heroes & Join PVP Ranked Battles

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Enjoy playing a fun and unique multiplayer strategy game in Auto Brawl Chess. It’s a game that features elements of auto chess, merge battles and strategy RPGs. You’ll partake in various battles on battlefields with random objects. You will also collect different heroes that you’ll use for the auto-chess battles in the game. There are also going to be powerful bosses to deal with in the merge battles.

A truly fun and exciting game that gives you several battle modes to participate in. Let’s discuss all of these in more detail as we talk about the gameplay of Auto Brawl Chess.

Play Different Battle RPGs in Auto Brawl Chess

What makes Auto Brawl Chess fun to play is the variety of battles you can participate in. There’s the Merge Tower, where you will try to defend your base from attacking enemies. You can merge similar-level towers to upgrade them and produce more powerful units. This is where you’ll deal with powerful bosses. Certain levels in Merge Tower will have powerful bosses, and you’ll need to merge towers to produce high-level units to deal with the powerful boss.

Then there’s the auto chess aspect, where you can play against the game’s AI or partake in PVP battles. You’ll have to collect strong heroes, mighty magical creatures, and monsters you can use during the fight. The battle’s flow will depend on the heroes that you put on the battlefield and the units your opponents will use. It’s a fun game that might confuse you early on. Good thing there’s going to be a guide to help you play in the beginning.

Engage in Turn-based Strategy PVP Battles in Auto Brawl Chess

Auto Brawl Chess might be confusing to play in the beginning because of the different battles you’ll participate in. But the game does have a tutorial in the beginning to guide you on what you need to do. You’ll start with the Merge Tower, where you’ll complete various turn-based strategy RPGs. You’ll have towers that will summon units to fight for you. You can merge similar-leveled towers to make them produce stronger units. Some levels in the Merge Tower are auto chess, and you’ll battle against the game’s AI.

Heroes, mighty magical creatures, and other units are acquired in Auto Brawl Chess through summoning. You’ll acquire materials that you can use for summoning units. But you can also get them as rewards for completing certain objectives or missions. The most exciting part of the gameplay is the competitive auto-chess. It’s where you’ll participate in PVP battles and try to be the last player standing. It’s an awesome game that you will love playing.

Game Features To Look Forward

  • Play fun and competitive auto-chess against other players or the AI
  • Merge towers to produce stronger units in the Merge Tower
  • Summon strong heroes and mighty magical creatures to use in auto-chess
  • Participate in ranked battles to achieve higher rankings and become a top player
  • Play other PVP battles like Raids, Brawl Arena, and more

If you love playing the auto-chess strategy gameplay, check out Mythic Legends. But if you want the merge gameplay, then try Merge Rush Z. Both are fun and exciting games that require good strategies to win.




How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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