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About this Game

What’s Azur Lane All About?

Azur Lane is an English-translated naval warfare game with an anime art style that you can play for free. It uses gacha mechanics to allow players to roll for additional characters to play in battle. And these characters? Well, let’s just let the screenshot do the talking:


Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. That is indeed, a ship-girl.

What Sets Azur Lane Apart as a Gacha Game?

The game is described as an ideal naval warfare game and is definitely not your typical Gacha game. You can build your own fleet, and choose from a range of warships with over 300 types to choose from! You can organize these ships into a flotilla and then go to battle. Although Azur Lane PC download seems like a pretty intense game, its easy and intuitive gameplay coupled with its 2D side-scroller concept makes it an easy-to-learn action game.


Besides that, Azur Lane game is known for being a very generous gacha game to play, with the highest rarity unit obtainable with a whopping 7% roll chance. Players are given many opportunities to get the heroes they want. This, combined with its light story, loose gameplay, and loli aesthetic, makes Azur Lane online a good side-game to play and relax with.

With the Azur Lane free download, the game is very friendly for free-to-play gamers and people who want to complete collections. While there is an auto-play like any gacha game, the manual play mode is quite engaging for fans of the shoot-em-up game genre.

With the on your PC, you can easily browse and install hundreds of mobile games from our library. You can launch this game client any time by finding the shortcut on your desktop, or by searching “Azur Lane” on the search bar. Download and play any of these games—absolutely for free!

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